Our Influencer Program In a Nutshell!

  • To register as an Affiliate, use our application form. We will notify you of your acceptance of our program.
  • You must register your PayPal email address.
  • You’ll receive a 10% commission on our Skin Care Programs and product purchases.
  • Minimum payout balance of $150 USD with unlimited maximum payout! Commissions will be paid after our 14-day waiting period. Payouts are given during the first week of each month and are automatically deposited to your PayPal account.
  • Referrals cannot be generated on your own purchases, including purchases made via a different email address.

This agreement was designed for you in mind!

As well, we want to be sure to protect Clear Skin Solutions and our clients!
We have worked hard to build a strong brand and reputation based on trust.
Agreements are necessary to ensure everyone’s role is 100% clear!

Affiliate Registration

To register as a Clear Skin Affiliate, simply fill out our Affiliate Application form! We review all registrations to ensure that we are both a great fit!. We know you’re just as eager as we are for you to join our Affiliate program but we’ll need a few days to review your application and appreciate your patience.

If you’re approved, we can’t wait to begin working with you! We’ll give you your unique referral URL, and instructions so you can instantly start referring and earn cash! You’ll also have quick access to your private Affiliate area where you can keep track of your referrals, site visits, graphs, creatives and more!

Affiliate Application Rejection

We’d love to work with you all; however, we know that not all relationships are a good fit. Clear Skin Solutions reserves the right to reject affiliate applications and decide whether a reason is warranted.

Here are a few reasons why your application may not be approved:

  • Applications for Affiliates that advertise, sell or engage in illegal business practices, including adult sites, will not be accepted into the program. We like to keep things legal, clean and PG.
  • Affiliate websites that spam others will not be accepted into our program, and your application will be rejected. We also avoid partnerships with phishing scams, coupon sales sites and rebate affiliates (those who will offer a split in their commission with the purchaser) and are not permitted.
  • Any website material that infringes on National or International Copyright will not be approved for our program.
  • Affiliate applications for websites that we feel are not a good fit or not aligned with our company and business values may not be approved, including sites that we deem inappropriate.

Inappropriate Websites Include:

  • Sites that promote and engage in violence, hatred or racism
  • Any sites that display adult material or ones that include adult banners
  • Any sites promoting or engaging in illegal activity; hacking, cracking, nulled, and pirated sites.
We May Have Questions

When you apply for our Affiliate program, we want to ensure that all communication is evident in your submission. There may be occasions when we email you to ask questions about your application.

We may email you to:

  • Clarifying some details of your application
  • Ask for a bit more detailed information so we can learn more about you and how you’ll be promoting Clear Skin Solutions programs.

We will do our best to approve your application within two days of submission. If we do reach out to you for additional information and do not hear back from you within seven days, your application may be rejected. If this is the case, you are welcome to reapply to become a Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate, just be sure to provide us with more detail for our reconsideration.

Inactive Affiliate Accounts

To keep earning referral commissions, we encourage you to promote actively! We love you being a part of our program, we’re supporting you with our team of professional marketers and strategists, and have included some tried and true marketing ideas in your brand assets package! We encourage you to use these tools to help you with your marketing strategy.

Affiliates who remain inactive for six months, with no visits to their link, will result in their account being temporarily disabled. Let’s work together and avoid this scenario! We’re here to work with you and to help you earn cash & transform lives! It’s a win-win!

Commissions and Payments

When a client with your unique link purchases from us, you’ll earn 10%, which can add up quickly for generous payouts!

Here are the ways you can earn a commission:

  • Our Virtual or In House Skin Care Programs sell for $100 – you earn $10 per referral.
  • Our Clear Skin Solutions Skincare products range from $30-$150 – you can earn $3-$15 per product sale. Most clients purchase a complete system of products that average $500 per sale, meaning you can earn a potential payout of $50 just on product purchases alone!
  • Our Clear Skin Solutions product starter kits, which are required for all new signups to our programs are approx $300, which means you’ll also get a guaranteed retail commission of $30 on top of your referral commission when you refer a consumer to our Clear Skin Solutions Skin Programs.
  • TOP referring Affiliates may be offered the opportunity to earn additional commissions based on their ability to refer high converting customers. Payments are based on individual assessments and are not guaranteed.

Affiliate commission is paid in USD to your PayPal account during the first week of the month. Our products are subject to a 14-day return policy; your payment will be given once the return period has ended.

The minimum payout amount is $150. We have a few reasons for this; our minimum payout threshold is so you can earn a decent chunk of money when it’s time for payouts! The other purpose is that we’re looking for partners who are serious about promoting us. The great news? We do not cap the amount of payout, so your earning potential is unlimited! To receive your payout, we must have your current email associated with your PayPal account.

We do pay your commissions on any referrals you send our way, and those referrals are active on your unique link for 60 days; however, Affiliate purchases for their own products will not receive a commission. This policy also includes the use of a separate email address associated with the Affiliate.

When multiple Affiliate referral links are given to a consumer from more than one influencer, our click policy payout will give referral commissions on the “first click” Affiliate link.

Referral Cookie Lifetime

We store cookies for 60 days, meaning a tracking cookie is stored on a potential customer’s browser, which tracks your referral link. This time frame gives the customer time to ask us any questions before they make a purchase. It also allows you to earn more if they make a repurchase within our cookie lifetime policy!

When A Referral Isn’t Rewarded:
  1. If the customer visits our site using a different browser other than the one, they initially accessed your link. The cookie does not exist on that browser and cannot track your affiliate link.
  2. If a purchase is made after 60 days as the cookie will have expired.
Purchase Refunds

Referral purchases older than 14 days (assuming the purchase has not been refunded – we RARELY get returned items) will be included with each commission payout when the commission payout totals $150.00 or over. Products that are refunded will not result in a commission payout for that referral.

Clear Skin Solutions reserves the right to reject commission payments. Your payment may be refused if the sale was refunded, or the method that the referral was given violated our policies for promotional approved marketing or misrepresentation of our company.

Keeping Up To Date

When you agree to become an Affiliate,you also agree to receive emails from Clear Skin Solutions. Don’t worry; we won’t spam you! Any email you receive will be for communication purposes to provide relevant news and updates to help you effectively promote Clear Skin Solutions Skin Care Programs and products.

You’ll also receive automated emails when:

  • You earn a new referral commission
  • When your application is approved

You can turn off automated emails if you choose, in your Affiliate Page, and update your email address.

Clear Skin Approved and Money Generating Promotional Methods

Since your commission is uncapped, you have a “skies the limit” earning potential! To capitalize on your earning potential, this does require some specific marketing on your part. The more ways you can promote our brand, the more ways you can earn referral commissions!

Our approved promotional methods will add value to Clear Skin Solutions, bringing us authentic and loyal customers.

Here are a few ways we encourage and expect you to promote us to earn yourself more commission!

  • Tell everyone you know, your friends, customers, and family about our program and be sure to give them your Affiliate Referral Link.
  • Promote us on your social media pages through posts, video tutorials or educational posts and stories, including but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn giving your Influencer Referral Link. This is a great way to get more referrals and more money in your pocket!
  • Write a review or mention us in your blog/articles about our programs and products and link our site with your referral link.
  • Create educational video tutorials to include in your social media, IGTV, youtube and website
  • Place our company logo and provided banners on your website.
  • Send your influencer link to your email subscribers. We’ve provided some impressive and catchy email scripts in your brand asset package, which you can quickly add to your email copy!
  • Answer related questions and provide value to others with helpful responses, using your referral links in your reply. We’ve included some easy to use scripts which you can include in your answers to questions.
  • By law, Affiliate Marketers are required to disclose their involvement with our program. Include a short description that explains your relationship with our company at the beginning of your content and include this information on a dedicated page to your website.

An example may include “my content may be compensated for any sales associated with a purchase using my affiliate link. I fully recommend these products and services.

Clear Skin NOT approved Promotional Methods

Our company provides value and results-driven, clear skin experiences for our clients. We 100% believe in our value and choose how we communicate and promote our services and products carefully, which means, we want to only work with Affiliates who are also 100% behind our mission and purpose. Our non-approved methods of promotion are for the purpose of protecting you, our business and our valued clients from any fraudulent activity.

Non-Approved and Prohibited Methods of Promotion

  • Clear Skin Solutions will not be promoted on coupon and deal sites.
  • Offering unofficial discounts and coupon codes is prohibited.
  • Do not falsely advertise our company or products in any manner. This includes advertising for profit sharing (splitting your commissions) to entice a customer to purchase increased referral commissions.
  • You may choose to purchase ads to promote our company, such as google ads and social ads; however, paid advertising that uses our brand keywords combined with your influencer link will result in the deactivation of your account.
  • Do not change our logos and banners, or brand colors in any way.
  • Do not use Affiliate links for your own purchases, including purchases made from alternate email addresses.
  • Do not promote our Clear Skin Solutions product and services illegally. Illegal promotion is prohibited and may result in your referrals being denied and your influencer account being removed.
  • Do not pretend to be us or to be associated with us professionally. Since Affiliates are not employees, this means they have no rights or claims to our company.
  • Copying, duplicating or using trademarked company names, slogans, tag lines,websites, and copyright assets are strictly prohibited. Trademark infringement includes the misrepresentation of Clear Skin Solutions website by registering a domain name associated with our company and it’s employees and brand assets. Doing so will result in the permanent deactivation of your influencer account.

Please reach out to us if you feel stuck or are unsure what may be considered prohibited, we’re here to help and work with you!

Consequences of Non-approved Clear Skin Promotional Methods

We’re here to work with you, however, if we feel your promotional methods are not in alignment of these terms and conditions your;

  • Referrals may be rejected.
  • Your Affiliate account may be permanently disabled.

Clear Skin Solutions reserves the right to reject referrals and disable your Affiliate account. If this happens, we are not required to provide you with any notification. We strongly encourage you to use the approved methods of promotion to avoid any misinterpretations. We’re here to help you succeed as a Clear Skin Affiliate! Your rewards are endless!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the essential next steps;

Terms and Conditions Affiliate Agreement

As a registered and approved Affiliate in our AP, you agree to a non-legal agreement by accepting these terms and conditions. You agree and understand that your commissions may be subject to review before being paid out, and you acknowledge and understand that Clear Skin Solutions do not employ you.

This is not a legal binding agreement and so, you agree that you may not take any legal action against Clear Skin Solution, it’s employees or clients. You also acknowledge that the Affiliate terms and conditions may change without notice.

Thank you for your interest in our Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate Program and for taking the time to read through our terms and conditions! Now let’s get you started to become one of our Clear Skin superstar Affiliates! We can’t wait to have you on board!