The First Step In Your Clear Skin Journey: The New Client Consultation

the start to your clear skin journey: the new client consultation

The first step in your clear skin journey: the New Client Consultation. Whether you are a virtual client of ours or live here in beautiful Ardmore, Oklahoma, Clear Skin Solutions welcomes you with the consult that kick-starts it all.  Why? Because it gives our team of expert skin therapists a uniquely 360-degree perspective on your […]

4 Reasons Why Your Acne Isn’t Clearing

4 reasons why your acne isn't clearing

4 reasons why your acne isn’t clearing: they’re likely more insidious than you think! Firstly, can I be honest? If you opt to join hands with professional estheticians in order to meet your skin goals (whether it be reversing premature aging, mitigating pigmentation, or managing breakouts), why turn to influencers for “fast-track solutions” midway through? […]

Introducing the Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate Referral Program

Clear Skin Solutions' affiliate referral program

For us here at Clear Skin Solutions med spa in Ardmore, Oklahoma, watching the physical (and emotional!) transformation of our clients is what it’s all about— which is why we are so excited and grateful to have launched our Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate Referral Program.  As a mother-daughter team who got their start in a […]

The Hidden Link Between Lifestyle and Acne

The hidden link between acne and lifestyle may surprise you!

Just this month a client came in to our location here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, concerned about her recent bout of breakouts and irritation.  “Nyki,” she’d said, distraught, “I’ve been following your recommended acne routine to a T! Why is my face acting out like this?” It didn’t take much sleuthing to determine the underlying cause: […]

The Anti-Aging Mistakes YOU Are Making at Home

A woman analyzing her at-home anti-aging routine in the mirror

Ah, finding an effective anti-aging routine: a universal struggle, and yet one that so many of us tackle incorrectly! With the stay-at-home orders that have come alongside COVID-19, reaping maximum results from your at-home skin care routine has never been more vital…especially when it comes to anti-aging. But you know what we here at Clear […]