The High Cost of Clear Skin: Examining the Risks and Side Effects of Acne Medication

Are you ready to unlock the key to achieving a clear complexion once and for all through holistic lifestyle changes and addressing the underlying causes? Nyki & Amelia are here to share the solution so you can make it happen! Their journey began when they realized that conventional acne medications such as antibiotics and Accutane […]

Acne-Proof Your Anti-Aging Routine: Clear Skin Solutions’ Game-Changing Approach To Skincare!

  Nyki and Amelia’s journey to create Clear Skin Solutions Med Spa in Ardmore Oklahoma, began with a personal mission to solve a difficult problem – battling both acne AND aging.  The frustration was multiplied when they tried to address signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, only to realize the anti-aging products […]

What is Skin Cycling, and How Can It Treat Hyperpigmentation?

What is Skin Cycling, and How Can It Treat Hyperpigmentation?

“What is skin cycling, and how can it treat hyperpigmentation?” You’re asking the important questions, y’all! Here at Clear Skin Solutions, we achieve clear skin for our clients by applying an array of science-proven methodologies and treatments to restore your skin barrier before launching into targeted long-term care. One of those methodologies? Skin cycling, especially […]

Intuitive Skincare: How and When to Listen to Your Face

intuitive skincare

Just like how we can handle certain activities better at 22 (hello, managing to stay up past 11PM!) than at 40, the same sentiment goes for your skincare–but how do you know what’s still working, what’s not, and what never was in the first place? Today’s blog is dedicated to intuitive skincare: how and when […]

Is “All-Natural” Skincare Really Natural?

all-natural skincare

Is “all-natural” skincare really natural? …And, even if it is, does that make it better than skincare that touts the use of chemical formulations? Here at Clear Skin Solutions, we’re using this month’s blog to bust all the myths surrounding all-natural skincare–including if you should be able to eat what you’re putting on your face! […]

How Icing Can Clear Your Skin Fast

how icing can clear your skin fast

You heard it here first, skincare lovers– ice on pimples is your anti-acne secret weapon! Today, we take a deep-dive into the anti-inflammatory properties of icing your acne (otherwise known as “cryotherapy”), how you can start integrating this long-lasting treatment into your at-home skincare routine, and, of course, how the professionals here at Clear Skin […]

What’s Actually Causing Your Acne? Take Our Skin Quiz

What’s Actually Causing Your Acne? Take Our Skin Quiz

What’s actually causing your acne? Take our skin quiz to find out. No, really– y’all, while there is no substitution for having a one-on-one consultation with a professional Skin Therapist, taking our five-minute skin quiz can help get you started connecting the dots on why you’re struggling to get (and stay!) clear. Common topics our […]