The Anti-Aging Mistakes YOU Are Making at Home

A woman analyzing her at-home anti-aging routine in the mirror

Ah, finding an effective anti-aging routine: a universal struggle, and yet one that so many of us tackle incorrectly! With the stay-at-home orders that have come alongside COVID-19, reaping maximum results from your at-home skin care routine has never been more vital…especially when it comes to anti-aging. But you know what we here at Clear […]

Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program— Now for 50% Off!

Happy Client Meeting With Her Virtual Skin Program Skin Therapist Over Zoom

Here at Clear Skin Solutions, our promise is to deliver customized, educational, and effective skin care— regardless of whether you live here in Ardmore, Oklahoma or anywhere else around the globe!  “But Nyki,” you may be saying, “how is it possible for a Skin Therapist to properly diagnose and treat my skin without me being […]

How Clear Skin Solutions Can Help Banish Butt and Body Acne for Good

Woman with back acne in Ardmore, Oklahoma

“How do I deal with pimples on my butt?” “What is causing my back to breakout?” “How do I permanently get rid of butt and back acne?” Do any of these questions sound familiar? We’re now a month into 2020,  but that doesn’t mean that the same old butt-and-back acne questions still aren’t plaguing you. […]

Sandwich Active Ingredients with our Three Options for Hydration!

Winter: the time of year when your skin is crying out for hydration. However, with so many creams, oils, and other skin products available, we here at Clear Skin Solutions sympathize with the frustration that can stem from not knowing if you’re selecting the right products to get that much-needed boost of hydration. In today’s […]