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Introducing the Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate Referral Program

Clear Skin Solutions' affiliate referral program

For us here at Clear Skin Solutions med spa in Ardmore, Oklahoma, watching the physical (and emotional!) transformation of our clients is what it’s all about— which is why we are so excited and grateful to have launched our Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate Referral Program.  As a mother-daughter team who got their start in a […]

Clear Skin Solutions’ TOP Summer Skin Care Ingredients

Woman summer skin care

We’re in the thick of summer, and you know what that means: the usual slew of summer season skin issues. Whether it be dehydration, melasma, acne triggered by humidity, or anything in between, clients who come to us (both in-person and online!) in the summer and early Fall often complain about the havoc the hot […]

Sandwich Active Ingredients with our Three Options for Hydration!

Winter: the time of year when your skin is crying out for hydration. However, with so many creams, oils, and other skin products available, we here at Clear Skin Solutions sympathize with the frustration that can stem from not knowing if you’re selecting the right products to get that much-needed boost of hydration. In today’s […]