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Acne-Proof Your Anti-Aging Routine: Clear Skin Solutions’ Game-Changing Approach To Skincare!

  Nyki and Amelia’s journey to create Clear Skin Solutions Med Spa in Ardmore Oklahoma, began with a personal mission to solve a difficult problem – battling both acne AND aging.  The frustration was multiplied when they tried to address signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, only to realize the anti-aging products […]

How Icing Can Clear Your Skin Fast

how icing can clear your skin fast

You heard it here first, skincare lovers– ice on pimples is your anti-acne secret weapon! Today, we take a deep-dive into the anti-inflammatory properties of icing your acne (otherwise known as “cryotherapy”), how you can start integrating this long-lasting treatment into your at-home skincare routine, and, of course, how the professionals here at Clear Skin […]

Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program— Now for 50% Off!

Happy Client Meeting With Her Virtual Skin Program Skin Therapist Over Zoom

Here at Clear Skin Solutions, our promise is to deliver customized, educational, and effective skin care— regardless of whether you live here in Ardmore, Oklahoma or anywhere else around the globe!  “But Nyki,” you may be saying, “how is it possible for a Skin Therapist to properly diagnose and treat my skin without me being […]

Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program: Don’t Let Distance Stand in the Way Between You and Clear Skin

A Clear Skin Solutions Virtual Skin Program long-distance client examining her skin in the mirror

Our customers—both the ones here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and our long distance Virtual Skin Program customers— ask me all the time, “What should I do? I’ve spent so much money on skin care and my skin still isn’t anywhere close to where I want it to be.” If there were any corners to cut or […]