Clear skin is just one Clarity Call away with Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program!

Here’s how it works in five easy steps:

Step One: Get started with your 3-month Virtual Skin Program by purchasing your program with one click!

Step Two: Once your purchase is complete, we email our booking link for you to schedule your 45-min. Clarity Call (Clear Skin Solutions’s coveted virtual skin care consultation!) to connect with one of our Skin Therapists via Zoom. This is an initial deep dive into your most problematic skin issues to build a detailed profile of your skin and design a powerful clear skin home care plan.

Step Three:  After your virtual skin care consultation, your next step is to receive your included Hydration Starter Kit, a one-month supply of professional skin care:

  • Clear Skin Solutions Essential Cleanser
  • Clear Skin Solutions Hydration Toner
  • Clear Skin Solutions Renewal Serum Mandelic 5%
  • Clear Skin Solutions Acne Gel with Benzoyl Peroxide 2.8%
  • Clear Skin Solutions RevitA Level One
  • Clear Skin Solutions Balanced Hydration
  • Clear Skin Solutions Peptide+ Moisturizer
  • 60 ProOmega fish oil capsules (30-day supply) 

You’ll also be shipped specific skin care samples, based on your conditions, to test some of the more active products that will be recommended for you plus how-to’s to prepare your skin for the next step in rejuvenation.

Step Four: After a few weeks (and once we’ve confirmed your skin is ready to handle our top skin clearing products), we’ll send your 10-week custom skin care plan plus access to our Clear Skin Shop. Some of our best products can only be purchased by patients in our skin programs due to their powerful lineup of ingredients.

Step Five: Every 2 weeks for 3 months, you’ll receive email coaching and support from your skin therapist to help you with any questions or transitions you may experience. You’ll always have your dedicated skin therapist to guide you to clear skin in this program!

Join the many patients who we have helped banish their acne long-term via our initial virtual skin care consultation.

Includes Hydration Starter Kit

Join our Virtual Skin Program and finally, clear skin from the comfort of your own home!

We get it: whether you’re social distancing or simply don’t have the time to go through the process of finding and booking a consultation with an acne specialist near you (if there is one!), having the clear skin of your dreams without having to jump through any of the hoops sounds too good to be true. And it was! Until now.

Why Our Clarity Call and Virtual Skin Program WORKS

PERSONALIZATION: Here at Clear Skin Solutions, you’re not just another face in the crowd; your assigned skin therapist will be with you all the way from your initial consultation to celebrating your clear skin alongside you at the end of the program

CUSTOMIZATION: Your skin is as unique as you are, which means that every Virtual Skin Program is 100% customized to suit your needs, goals, and timeline.

360-DEGREE SKINCARE: Our comprehensive skincare approach uses our unique Client Intake Form and visual analysis of your skin to craft skincare products, dietary, lifestyle, and home care routine recommendations to address your acne from all angles.

ACCESSIBILITY: After your initial consultation, where you will meet with your assigned skin therapist either via webcam or phone call, all routine check-ups will be conducted over email— which means that you can work your life around your acne treatment, not the other way around!

AFFORDABILITY: Before mailing you your customized Clear Skin Starter pack, which includes a science-backed cleanser, toner, hydrator, and moisturizer that your skin therapist selects for you, you will receive FREE skincare samples to gauge which products will work best to fast-track you to clear skin.


Don’t Just Take it From Us!

“It’s been almost a year since I finally listened to Suellen Santos Frank about Nyki at Clear Skin Solutions! Who does skincare over the phone?! Well, I called and have not regretted it since. Adult acne is gone!”

Kristy V.

“My husband and I began the Clear Skin Solutions routine just over a month ago after a friend referred us. We both already love the improvement in such a short amount of time; it’s better than anything we have ever used.”

Janice N.

“Over a five-decade period nothing else had worked other than antibiotics, and those improvements ended shortly after the prescriptions ran out. I started seeing Nyki in late June and now, four months later, my skin is the best it’s ever been!”

Cheryl K.

“I’ve been Nyki’s [Virtual Skin Program] for the past year and my skin has never been clearer. It was a struggle at first since results aren’t overnight, but I’m so glad I was patient and stuck it out. I will never use anyone but Nyki for my skin”

Kaylee C.

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