Traditionally You Had To Choose Between Having Clear Skin And Looking Old, Or Having Acne And Looking Young!

At Clear Skin Solutions you can have both; age management skincare crafted with clean formulations!

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The Acne-Safe Pro-Aging Dilemma

Acne, sensitivity, pigmentation, aging is all a result of inflammation in the body

You might be...

  • Wondering if there is anything that CAN help. Or should you give up & embrace your acne and premature aging how it is?
  • Hating how bumpy, flaky & cake-y it looks when you try to cover it with foundation?
  • Dealing with aging and acne. WTH?? Most anti-aging products make you break out but acne products don’t help with anti-aging at all!
  • Tired of not being able to find long-term solutions to work on anti-aging and acne?
  • Frustrated that you spent time & money on products that only gave limited results or made your acne worse?

It All Adds Up To Feeling Self Conscious About Your Skin!

So, What’s The Answer?

  • Essential Basics Starter Kit

    Our Essential Basics Starter Kit quickly heals your skin’s barrier giving you results within 2 weeks when used consistently.

  • Work With A Clear Skin Specialist

    Tired of doing it alone? We are 100% dedicated to clearing and brightening your beautiful skin and we’ve got the proof that we can deliver those results.

  • Free Skincare Education

    Whether you're dealing with persistent acne, pre-mature aging, or looking for answers about your biggest skin concerns, the Clear Skin Podcast covers it all!

Meet The Faces Behind Clear Skin Solutions

Hi, We’re Nyki & Amelia

Your trusted lead skin specialists and the mother/daughter co-founders of Clear Skin Solutions.

We've walked in your shoes, and we understand the skincare struggle intimately. In fact, Nyki's personal journey led her to create this skincare line. She too faced the never-ending dilemma of choosing between anti-aging products that triggered breakouts and acne products that left her skin dry, showing signs of premature aging.

It seemed impossible to find a solution that addressed both concerns. That's why we "get it," and that's why we embarked on a mission to develop an acne-safe, pro-aging skincare line. Our goal? To ensure you no longer have to search endlessly for the perfect skincare solution.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for my acne to clear?

Individuals who are not clinic clients but follow our recommended Clear Skin Solutions skincare regimen and adhere to dietary guidelines can generally expect to achieve clearance within a timeframe of 90 to 180 days. The duration required to achieve acne clearance may vary and depends on various factors. On the other hand, clients who undergo bi-monthly acne treatments at our clinic typically experience clearance in around 90 days.

Do I need to make changes to my diet to improve my skin?

Yes, diet can be a significant barrier to clearing your skin. Foods such as dairy, soy, peanuts, processed carbohydrates, and sugar will slow down—if not completely halt in some cases—the clearing process.

Can I continue to use some of my existing skincare products while using Clear Skin Solutions products for my acne-prone skin?

We don’t recommend it. All it takes is one pore-clogging ingredient to impede the clearing process. Each product in the acne kit is designed to work in synchronicity for the best possible results.

When will my skin no longer be prone to acne?

Most people who experience consistent breakouts have an inherited genetic trait that causes them to be prone to acne. As you age, your hormones will naturally become more balanced and your acne will improve, but we don’t know when that will happen. For some, their skin naturally improves in their 20s and 30s. For
others, it may not happen until their 40s or ever.

What skincare products are recommended for maintaining clear skin?

Once you've achieved clear skin, you can transition into a maintenance routine. The Clear Skin Solutions products that initially cleared your skin will continue to be effective in maintaining clear skin, provided you continue to follow the recommended dietary and lifestyle suggestions.

Should I take antibiotics to clear my acne?

Using antibiotics as a prolonged treatment for acne is discouraged due to the potential for antibiotic resistance and the risk of disrupting gut flora. Antibiotics provide a short-term solution by targeting bacteria and inflammation but do not address the underlying hormonal imbalances that trigger breakouts.

How can I select makeup that won't clog pores for my skin prone to acne?

Always ensure to double-check ingredients before applying them to your face, hair, or body. Many beauty trends and influencers endorse products as acne-safe, yet they may contain irritating and pore-clogging elements. It's crucial to verify this information yourself using our comprehensive list of pore-clogging substances provided in Clear Skin Solutions Mini VSP.

What skincare products can I use once my skin is clear?

We call this going into maintenance mode. The good news is the Clear Skin Solutions products that have cleared your skin will help keep your skin clear as long as you adhere to the suggested diet and lifestyle changes.

What should I do if my acne isn’t clearing, or my skin is feeling irritated?

Discontinue use and consult your skincare professional or doctor.