4 Reasons Why Your Acne Isn’t Clearing

4 Reasons Why Your Acne Isn’t Clearing

4 reasons why your acne isn’t clearing: they’re likely more insidious than you think!

Firstly, can I be honest? If you opt to join hands with professional estheticians in order to meet your skin goals (whether it be reversing premature aging, mitigating pigmentation, or managing breakouts), why turn to influencers for “fast-track solutions” midway through? All it takes is one teenager influencer to claim that bar soap on their face changed their skin for the better and bam! Millions of people desperate for a “quick-fix” have jumped on the bandwagon, oblivious to the damage they are unwittingly doing to their skin.

Here at Clear Skin Solutions, we’ve dedicated our lives to changing your skin: it’s not overnight; it’s not magic; it’s a cold-hard combo of experience, expertise, science-backed products, and constant and continued advanced education. No more, no less.

So what may be behind your acne refusing to clear up? We list the 4 most common reasons below.

Reason #1: You Aren’t Checking in With Your Skin Therapist and Aren’t Using Your Products Consistently

Think of your skin care like training for a marathon: consistency is key!

Just the other day, a client came to us who had the most beautiful porcelain skin. Her downfall? That, because the state of her skin was so clear for so long, she decided that, from now on, she could use whatever makeup, skin products, or laundry detergent she wanted!

Big mistake. By not adhering to her Virtual Skin Program, she started breaking out. It can be easy to forget that acne cannot be healed, simply managed; that means that the changes you make you should be making for life in the pursuit of clear skin. By not checking in with us here at Clear Skin Solutions or using your provided skin care products inconsistently, you misuse your opportunity to have a skin coach that you use to their fullest. If used properly, our services and advice can make it so your skin is your best investment!

Reason #2: You Changed Shampoos Or Hair Products and Didn’t Check Their Ingredient Deck

Are your hair products aiding in your breakouts?

A common (yet insidious!) culprit behind breakouts is shampoo and general hair styling products. Recognized by the AAD as an official cause of acne, hair care products featuring pore-clogging ingredients can trigger acne on the head, hairline, forehead, cheeks, torso, and back due to those areas coming into contact with the products while they are being rinsed off in the shower.

Common hair care ingredients to avoid?

  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil
  • Coconut butter
  • Algae extract

When in doubt, contact your designated skin therapist to get the green light on your existing (or new!) hair care routine. 

Reason #3: Your Diet Has Changed to Include Whey, Soy Shakes, Bars, or Other Common Acne Triggers

The Clear Skin Solutions team dedicated an entire blog to how diet impacts acne

The majority of backslides we see in our acne program clients is diet-related: once acne begins to clear, it can be all too easy to feel comfortable re-integrating common acne triggers like dairy, high amounts of processed foods, and soy or whey back into your day-to-day eating schedule… only for breakouts to return at the same frequency they were at before.

Our team is here to be your skin’s cheerleaders, not to shame you. Struggling with the diet we’ve recommended? Give us a call or text to let us know; we’ll reach a solution that will keep both you and your skin happy!

Reason #4: You Aren’t Washing Your Pillow Cases and Other Frequently-Touched Objects With Approved Detergents

There is a reason why expert personalized trumps cookie-cutter influencer recommendations any day: the ability to peek into your day-to-day life to diagnose even the smallest acne triggers!

This oftentimes comes in the form of laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Labelled as acne mechanica, which is defined as A) acne caused by friction on the body, most commonly in the form of clothing and B) acne caused by irritants on said friction, such as fabric softener on clothing, diagnosing which detergents and fabric softeners may be sensitizing your skin is key to successful long-term treatment.

We personally love this list of approved laundry-safe detergents to help get you started in narrowing down which detergents to switch to if you suspect that yours are not playing nicely with your skin.

Now You Know 4 Reasons Why Your Acne Isn’t Clearing; Contact Us Today to Pinpoint Which Ones Are Wreaking Havoc on Your Skin

Whether you’re an existing client of ours or are simply someone who is looking to combat your acne, the Clear Skin Solutions team is here to make you feel and look your most beautiful.

Reach out today; let’s get you on the right track for glowing skin all 2021-long!

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