Clear Skin Solutions: Real People, Real Results

Clear Skin Solutions: Real People, Real Results

Here at Clear Skin Solutions med spa, there is nothing we love more than being a part of our clients’ clear skin journeys.

Whether it be our in-person clients here in Ardmore, Oklahoma or our Virtual Skin Program clients, having the opportunity to transform clients’ skin and see the difference from our initial assessment to the end of their clear skin program is something each and every one of our licensed Skin Therapists treasure.

Today, we’re putting a spotlight on one of our all-time favorite clear skin program transformations: Lexi!

Meet Lexi, One of Clear Skin Solutions’ Favorite Success Stories

Acne can have long-term effects on one’s self-esteem, and by the time Lexi stepped foot in Clear Skin Solutions she had felt like she had tried everything on the market in an attempt to clear hers. In fact, it was evident that she was only visiting us here at Clear Skin Solutions because her mother had talked her into it—in Lexi’s own words, she assumed that she would just be wasting more time and money on acne products that wouldn’t work!

What made Lexi an especially challenging case was that, unbeknownst to her at the time, she actually had a combination of three types of acne with grade-four severity (the highest-ranking severity for acne). Lexi suffered from maturation arrest, which looks like small pebbles beneath the surface of the skin; non-inflamed acne; and inflamed acne. This is an enormous reason why our initial consultation and assessment orbits around education—both Lexi and her mother assumed that Lexi’s acne was untreatable because they had tried every product combination under the sun. What they weren’t factoring in, however, is the large role that genetics play in acne, since the majority of acne is an inherited dysfunction of the pore. To make matters even more dire, Lexi’s skin was highly sensitive; it hurt to even touch her skin, let alone test new products.

The Skin Therapists here at Clear Skin Solutions knew that we were in for the long haul. Luckily for us, our recommendations helped Lexi trust us and our process—which resulted in her achieving the clear skin of her dreams!

Clear Skin Solutions’ Multi-Faceted Clear Skin Program

Our first course of action? Just like how “location, location, location” is the mantra of real estate, “diet, diet, diet” is our mantra when it comes to treating acne!

Clearing acne isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we begin each clear skin program with a thorough assessment of the client’s skin and their skin history before building a customized home care plan. At the forefront of this home care plan? Diet.

Alongside carefully-chosen supplements, medications, and lifestyle adjustments, adjusting one’s diet is essential for clearing acne. We base our customized clear skin programs around the grade of acne you have, your skin’s type and tolerance, your current home care routine, your diet, your supplements and/or medications, and your general lifestyle. Because clear skin is typically achieved between 3 – 4 months on Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program, both our Skin Therapists’ initial recommendations and follow-up recommendations as a client’s skin changes are essential.

Diet was what made Lexi see that initial change in her skin: by having our Skin Therapists diagnose her acne trigger foods (as well as a specific brand of comedogenic laundry soap that she was using!), Lexi’s skin went through a change even she didn’t think was possible.

The Importance of Utilizing the RIGHT Acne Products

The methodology that we here at Clear Skin Solutions swear by for clearing acne is to repair the skin’s barrier first and rid clients of inflammation foremost. We recommend for those like Lexi to incorporate our Essential Cleanser and Peptide Moisturizer in order to get sensitive skin acclimated to acne-clearing products. I liken it to going to the gym: you can’t walk in on your first day expecting to lift the same weights as a bodybuilder who has been training there for years!

In a staggeringly short amount of time we were able to scale our recommended products up to include active ingredients that worked to diminish the severity of Lexi’s acne. Because of Lexi’s compliance with our recommendations and clear skin program protocols, our Skin Therapists methodically diversified the right combination of ingredients and timings to clear Lexi completely of stubborn maturation arrest.

That’s not to say that the clear skin program was devoid of frustration—it never is! I remember a particularly frustrating day for Lexi, and it was the encouragement of another one of our acne clients that prevented her from giving up on the program. That day, a switch flipped in Lexi. She became a thoroughly active participant in the clear skin program by following our protocols to a T and absorbing every bit of our advice. The result? Nothing short of astonishing.

Lexi’s Skin Today

I haven’t performed a treatment on Lexi since she finished her clear skin program; she has remained wholly committed to our prescribed acne treatment routine and, while our Skin Therapists have recommended adjustments to her home care regimen now that she is on a skin maintenance program rather than a skin-clearing program, her skin has stayed as clear and radiant as the day she finished her initial program.

In fact, Lexi’s success was so moving that we actually have a framed before-and-after of her at our physical Oklahoma location— and when Lexi’s mother came in to restock her Clear Skin Solutions-approved products a little over a month ago, being reminded of just how enormous the improvement was made tears spring to her eyes! Seeing Lexi’s mother tear up and say that she wishes she had found us sooner is forever engraved in my mind, and I know that all of us here at Clear Skin are deeply grateful that we were allowed the opportunity to help Lexi attain the skin she deserved.

Looking to Start Your Own Clear Skin Journey?

If you suffer from acne, your journey to clear skin can start right now: contact us today to join the many people who have achieved clear skin through Clear Skin Solutions!

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