Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program: Don’t Let Distance Stand in the Way Between You and Clear Skin

Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program: Don’t Let Distance Stand in the Way Between You and Clear Skin

Our customers—both the ones here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and our long distance Virtual Skin Program customers— ask me all the time, “What should I do? I’ve spent so much money on skin care and my skin still isn’t anywhere close to where I want it to be.” If there were any corners to cut or magical quick fixes, I’d share them; I promise. But whether your skin concerns are pigmentation, acne, aging, or texture related, the solution will always boil down to one factor: in-depth skin analysis.

Everyone’s skin is different. Age, skin type (whether it be normal, oily, dry, or combination), age, diet, and pre-existing health conditions all determine how you should be treating your skin. So why would you choose products at random to treat them? Even if you’ve heard that skin care products with salicylic acid will even out your skin tone or that collagen helps to renew aging skin, a skin analysis is 100% necessary to determine which products to use and how you should be utilizing them.


That is exactly why our long distance consultations were created: the keys to any skin success are an in-depth skin analysis, customized skin care plan, and utilizing the science behind clear skin. So why should our customers here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, get the preferential treatment? All of our clients should have the opportunity to have us put them on the path to clear skin—regardless of where they’re located!


So how do our Virtual Skin Programs work? Simple!

  • Schedule your long distance consultation online through our booking link
  • Once you receive your booking notification and New Client Intake form via email, fill out the form and submit it prior to our initial consultation call—it will allow your Skin Therapist to build a detailed profile of your skin and design a treatment program, home care plan, and recommended products list
  • During your long distance consultation, you’ll talk at length with your Skin Therapist who will share results-oriented, science-backed information about which strategies will and will not be effective for your specific skin concerns
  • Once your consultation is finished, we’ll start your new home care program by shipping you our Hydration Starter Kit selected specifically for you with an informational guide on how to utilize the products. You will use our customized skin care samples to test your skin tolerance levels as we acclimate your skin to its new regimen


And you’re set! After purchasing the full-sized products that both you and your Skin Therapist have agreed upon as the best fit for your skin, your journey towards clear skin has officially begun. But don’t worry—your Skin Therapist will check in via email, so we’ll be with you every step of the way to adjust your regimen if needed.

At Clear Skin Solutions we are proud to deliver exceptional beauty outcomes that focus on quality services and products, not trends or hype. Whether you’re here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, or abroad, we want to ensure that you never feel alone on your path to clear skin for life. Whether it be pigmentation, acne, aging, or texture, we have a skin solution for you—and we’re thrilled to offer it, in-person or not. 

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