Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program— Now for 50% Off!

Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Program— Now for 50% Off!

Here at Clear Skin Solutions, our promise is to deliver customized, educational, and effective skin care regardless of whether you live here in Ardmore, Oklahoma or anywhere else around the globe! 

“But Nyki,” you may be saying, “how is it possible for a Skin Therapist to properly diagnose and treat my skin without me being physically in the clinic?” The answer is simple: our esteemed Virtual Skin Programs!

Don’t Let COVID-19 Stand Between You and the Skin of Your Dreams

Our Virtual Skin Programs start (and keep!) you on the path to clear skin— whether you are practicing self-distancing here in Ardmore, Oklahoma or are living elsewhere and cannot see your dermatologist or usual Skin Therapist— by delivering professional, in-depth instruction at every stage of your journey to clear skin. 

This includes initial diagnosis of your skin type and concerns, detailed at-home skin care instructions and product recommendations, and periodic alterations to your at-home skin care routine as the condition of your skin develops and changes.

How do we make our Virtual Skin Programs easy and accessible?

  • For a limited time, simply sign up here to receive your own 50% off code towards your initial Virtual Skin Program consultation!
  • Schedule your Virtual Skin Consultation to kick-off your program.
  • From there, you will be emailed your booking confirmation and your detailed New Client Intake Form, which will catalogue both your skin history and recent close-up images of your skin to aid in your Skin Therapist’s diagnosis. 
  • At your Virtual Skin Consultation, you will meet your designated Skin Therapist via Zoom who will have built a science-backed treatment program based off of your New Client Intake Form answers and photographs.
  • Once your Virtual Skin Consultation is completed, you will receive your personalized home care program, which includes exclusive skin care samples to test your skin’s tolerance levels as we acclimate your skin to its new routine. Each home care routine is kicked off with a customised variation of our acclaimed Hydration Starter pack, which stars one of our cleansers, toners, hydrators, and moisturizers
  • After receiving your home care routine starter pack, your assigned Skin Therapist will email you to touch base with further instructions for your Hydration Trio, explain which skin care samples you were sent and why, and, of course, answer any other remaining questions you may have at this time. 
  • From this point on, your Clear Skin Solutions Skin Therapist will be touching base every two weeks for the first three months of your Virtual Skin Program in order to keep up to date with your skin and be informed about which product or routine adjustments need to be made in order to achieve the skin of your dreams.

How Clear Skin Solutions’ Virtual Skin Programs Rank Above the Rest

Here in Ardmore, Oklahoma we have a long track record of both client satisfaction and creating science-backed skin care that actually works

The link between the two? Experience, dedication, and the understanding that having the professional knowledge of why your skin is behaving the way it is is the only way to effectively treat it— whether you are dealing with acneeczemavisible signs of aging, or any of the common skin conditions our clients frequently come to us about.

On top of being applicable and effective for a variety of skin conditions and concerns, our Virtual Skin Programs go more in-depth than your average virtual (or even in-person!) clear skin program; the length, customization, and 360-degree approach to clearing your skin ensures that your skin clears not just temporarily, as is often what happens, but long-term… because your designated Skin Therapist will be with you through every improvement and bump in the road.

Why Our Virtual Skin Programs are 50% Off (for a Limited Time!)

During times of uncertainty, stress, and panic, we here at Clear Skin Solutions pride ourselves in putting family first— and we consider our community to be our family. That’s why, for a limited time only, our virtual skin programs are 50% off for those who sign up for the discount. Self-isolating during the current COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t be a wall between you and the clear skin of your dreams. In fact, we argue that self-isolating is the perfect time to finally achieve the clear skin you have always yearned for.

So what are you waiting for? If you have already signed up for your 50% off Virtual Skin Program code, then contact us today to set up your Virtual Skin Consultation and take your first step towards clear skin!

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