Enjoy Clean Skin Care With Clear Skin Solutions

Enjoy Clean Skin Care With Clear Skin Solutions

Way back in August 2019 (when we first began the Clear Skin Solutions blog!) we wrote a piece on how Clear Skin Solutions products came to be. Now, in 2021, we couldn’t be more grateful than how far we’ve come: building on our successful virtual skin programs; kicking off our affiliate program; and, among other highlights!

To celebrate the start of the new year we wanted to provide a retrospective on where Clear Skin Solutions was, where it is now, and where it’s heading in 2021! We thank each and every one of you for making every step of this journey so amazing, even during the ups and downs of 2020.


The Start of Clear Skin Solutions, Your Ardmore-Based One-Stop-Shop for All Things Skin 

As a mother-daughter team managed by myself, Nyki, and Amelia here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, we started Clear Skin Solutions based on two things: the desire to provide a delightful bespoke med spa experience and knowing that we had the experience to deliver beautiful skin outcomes.

For myself personally, my desire to run a med spa solidified after breaking out from using a well-known skin care brand. My husband, Sean, turned to me and said, “Look: your third eye has opened up!”

He was right. Despite using this “medical-grade” anti-aging skin care line, I had resigned myself to the idea that anti-aging products were doomed to break me out. Then Sean said the sentence that truly kickstarted Clear Skin Solutions: “Well, why don’t you create at-home skin care products with the same great anti-aging ingredients as other medical-grade skin care brands— but that work to clear acne rather than clogging pores?”

From there, our clean skin care line was born. That meant products that were based on science, compassion, and attention to detail, not trends or hype; it meant tailored product recommendations that fit clients’ skin and budget needs.

Clear Skin Solutions in 2021: Local Clean Skin Care With Amazon-Level Convenience 

Now, in 2021, the Clear Skin Solutions team is focusing our efforts on continuing to expand on our existing products and services.

One of our biggest endeavours is to remind both new (and old!) clients that our programs and services include professional-level guidance each step of the way. From start to finish, our provided documentation, 1:1 skin coaching, and recommendations are all based on professional-level guidance aimed to benefit the knowledge of your skin’s needs long-term. As your skin coach, we are cheerleaders for your skin— and we want clients to know that! 

For example, we recently had a client who stopped coming to our professionals about her skin because she assumed that the products they had assigned her skin had stopped being effective. Her wedding was around the corner and she was focused on getting her glow back. She didn’t reach out, didn’t look to speak to her Clear Skin Solutions-assigned skin specialist, and didn’t look to alter the skin program she was on.

The reality? It was as simple as her not realizing that, because her skin had improved since starting our products, she needed to come in for an adjustment now that her skin was in a different state of clearing! During the Clarity Call that we scheduled to iron this out, it turns out she had run out of products and that’s why her skin had regressed… meaning that, once we restarted her new-and-improved product lineup, her clear skin was back and glowier than ever in time for her big day!

We wanted this scenario to serve as a reminder that we are here for each and every one of our clients, and that looking at the state of your skin (and why it’s in the state is in!) is crucial for continued improvement. After all, imagine going to a fitness trainer and quitting because you’re too shy to ask them for guidance! Without looking into the why’s behind your results (or lack thereof), you’re putting yourself right back at square one; just like exercising muscles, if you don’t work consistently at yourself then you will never see long-term results. Similar to an exercise routine, consistent tweaks need to be made to products as your skin changes in order to continue improving. 

The importance of checking in with your skin therapist is why, on our end, we even have a cheat sheet for every single product we create here at Clear Skin Solutions; that means that we know every single ingredient strength and combination in every product, and that we know when and how to adjust your products to fit your skin’s progress level.

A big example of this is that not every salicylic acid is the same, so every strength must be carefully considered before incorporating it into any stage of a client’s clear skin journey. Trust us: every product you purchase has years of thought and science behind it!

The solution for maximizing your results? Check in! Text us. Email us. Give us a phone call. Our array of clean skin care products not only come with Amazon-level convenience in terms of online shopping, but the most important added bonus of a caring and knowledgeable skin care team as well.

Make 2021 The Best Year Yet for Your Skin

While waiting for new Clear Skin Solutions products, services, and specials to be released, take advantage of our e-commerce offerings (and Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate program!) to ensure that 2021 is the best year yet for your skin.

Contact us today to book your first (or next) appointment with our team.

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