Four Skin Care Tips to Stop Seasonal Acne in Its Tracks

Four Skin Care Tips to Stop Seasonal Acne in Its Tracks

Thought that your seasonal acne breakouts were over now that the arid summer weather has ebbed, Oklahoma? Think again! With the changing colors of Fall come an array of reasons you may be breaking out as we speak.

So what can you do about it? In today’s blog we here at Clear Skin Solutions are detailing our top four skin care tips to stop seasonal acne in tracks that you can implement whether you’re here in Ardmore, Oklahoma or anywhere else in the world (like our Virtual Skin Program clients!)


Start Combating Seasonal Acne This Fall with the Power of Diet

It’s no secret that diet impacts acne regardless of the season; the consumption of processed foods, dairy, alcohol, and high-glycemic foods (such as white bread, potatoes, white rice, and soft drinks) all have been scientifically linked to excess sebum production which triggers acne breakouts on both the face and body.

The link between diet and acne is so deep that we dedicated an entire blog to it… and while we listed the benefits diet can bring when done correctly, there is one dietary aspect that becomes significantly more important in the Fall: the amount of vitamins your diet is providing.

Which vitamins should you be prioritizing when dealing with seasonal acne breakouts? We’re glad you asked!

  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiencies have been long linked to the development of acne. Due to the lower levels of natural vitamin D available in the Fall due to less natural sunlight, supplementing your vitamin D intake via sources like ProOmega 2000 and ProEpa with concentrated GLA, beef liver, mushrooms, vitamin D-fortified foods and drinks, and supplements will work to both prevent breakouts and reduce the severity of existing acne.
  • Zinc: Thanks to the positive impact zinc has on the body’s immune system, protein synthesis, wound healing, and more, zinc has strong anti-inflammatory properties that have been deemed beneficial for acne treatment by the scientific community. Be sure to up your intake of seafood, red meat, legumes, and supplements to ensure that you’re getting enough of the immune-boosting benefits of zinc this flu season!
  • Vitamin A: Found to minimize levels of propionibacterium acnes, a bacteria that plays a role in acne development, vitamin A— alongside the other vitamins in this list— works as a natural acne reducer and preventer. To improve overall health this autumn, Clear Skin Solutions strongly recommends being conscious of your green vegetable, orange vegetable, fruit intake, and vitamin A supplements throughout the colder seasons.

Factor in Your Lifestyle When it Comes to Your Seasonal Acne Triggers

Not factoring in lifestyle when it comes to breakouts is the #1 problem we see when conducting skin history checks for new clients. The two most common lifestyle-related mistakes we see made when trying (and failing!) to manage seasonal acne?

  • Neglecting to consistently apply sunscreen
  • Not adjusting your home skin care routine to suit the weather conditions

Let’s break these down. Think that the transition from summer to autumn has gentled those aging UVA rays? Think again! Remember, UVA rays are the “aging rays” while UVB rays are the “burning rays”— it’s crucial to keep in mind that UVA rays are present all year long, not just the summer. Being regimented with your sunscreen routine is just as vital in autumn as it is during the peak of summer. Protect your skin from environmental damage-related aging, irritation, and general damage by ensuring that you apply sunscreen every day (yes, even if you’re working indoors!)

As for not adjusting your home skin care routine to suit the weather conditions? We here at Clear Skin Solutions think of it this way: you wouldn’t apply drying products when struggling with already-dry skin, right? Then why would you layer on thick, pore-clogging moisturizer in the humid summer months when they would be more suited to locking in moisture during chilly Fall? The same goes for upping your exfoliation up to two-to-three times per week depending on your skin’s tolerance to say goodbye to stubborn dead skin cells and flaking skin!

The bottom line? Adapting to your skin’s needs as the weather conditions change is vital for both preventing and managing seasonal acne in the Fall.

When it Comes to Seasonal Acne, Invest in Professional-Grade Products

Since it’s normal for more irritation and dryness to kick in in early Fall, we here at Clear Skin Solutions strongly recommend products that both hydrate and balance the skin. Our top picks for this autumn when it comes to managing seasonal acne?

  • The Essential Cleanser: Named “essential” for a reason, the Essential Cleanser is a mild cream cleanser that gently clears all skin types of dirt, makeup, and oils without disrupting the natural balance of emollients necessary for effective skin barrier function.
  • The Balanced Hydration: A soothing formula formulated for dehydrated skin, this acne-safe formula restores hydration and moisture levels to the skin while promoting natural collagen production. 
  • The Peptide+ Moisturizer: An anti-inflammatory moisturizer that works to reduce scarring, promote skin healing, stimulate natural HA production, and restore moisture levels to parched skin.
  • The Healing Charcoal Mask: a favorite of our pregnant clients due to its calming pregnancy safe components, the Healing Charcoal Mask is a cooling mask that actively brightens and soothes skin.

To Tamp Down on Seasonal Acne Breakouts for Good, Consult a Pro!

Shooting in the dark will only get you so far when it comes to skin care, which is why booking an appointment for a professional skin diagnosis and home skin care plan is the only way to go when it comes to tamping down on seasonal acne breakouts for good.

Contact us today or book your New Client Skin Consult today to start on the path of clear skin regardless of the season!

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