How Clear Skin Solutions Products Came to Be

How Clear Skin Solutions Products Came to Be

Did you know that 85% of people in the United States have experienced at least minor acne?

That’s not including all who struggle with signs of aging, dry skin, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, and the myriad of other skin concerns that I and the other women in the Clear Skin Solutions family treat on a daily basis.  


Before developing my own line of skin care products for at-home use, I was included in that 85%. I remember being curled up on the couch with my husband in our home in Ardmore, Oklahoma, after a long day at the medical spa, and having resigned myself to the idea that my anti-aging skincare products were breaking me out. His gaze caught on the huge blind pimple that had crested between my eyebrows. Humorously, he commented, “Look—your third eye has opened up.”

Without skipping a beat, I said, “Well, I either have to prioritize working on clearing my skin or minimizing my fine lines. The skin care products I’m using are great for anti-aging purposes, but their formulas are pore-clogging. It’s just the way it goes.”

And in all my husband’s brilliant naivete, he made the suggestion that changed Clear Skin Solutions medical spa as we knew it: “Well, why don’t you create at-home skin care products with those same great ingredients—but that work to clear pores instead of clog them?”

My name is Nyki. For years, we sent our clients home with professional skin care products that may have compromised what we at Clear Skin Solutions med spa were trying to accomplish, but not anymore! Now we’ve created skin care products for home use that we trust.

In our mother-daughter team, both my daughter, Amelia, and I are dedicated to delivering results-oriented beauty outcomes based on science, compassion, and attention to detail—not trends or hype. We’ve come to learn that personal change isn’t just about diet, skin care, a new set of lashes, or a monthly massage: it’s about realizing that the inner voice that denies you a better version of yourself is untrue. And we’ve learned that customized, science-backed skin care is an enormous part of putting that inner voice to rest once and for all.

As a medical spa, we take pride in offering six different categories of service: Pro-Aging, Acne, Lashes, Waxing and Sugaring, Injectables, and Massage Therapy. We also offer long-distance skin consultations for clients who don’t live in Oklahoma. Our products and services will have a transformative effect on your skin but maximum results depend on our clients’ willingness to continue to follow our custom skin care regimen.

In both our physical and online stores, we offer over six different skin care product types which are categorized by your skin care needs—as well as a section for my own personal recommendations.

Whether you’re searching for solutions to acne, aging skin, sensitive skin, oiliness, pigmentation, or any other skin concern, our results-oriented skin care products have won over clients both here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and across the United States. Our exceptional beauty outcomes are thanks to our focus on personalized services, science-backed skin care products, compassion, attention to detail, and ignoring trends so that we can hone in on your unique skin care situation.

Just recently, a newer client of ours was walking down the hall after a treatment. When she first came to us, she had been facing the same skin struggles that I had back before the formulation of Clear Skin Solutions’ skin care products: trying to find an anti-aging product that works without triggering acne, pigmentation, or any other combination of problems. After maintaining a combination of our in-spa treatments and an at-home skin care regimen using our products, her complexion was more radiant than I had ever seen it. She looked at me with eyes full of tears and said, “I can’t believe this is my skin.  I never thought my skin looking this good was possible!”

I don’t know if she noticed, but tears had filled my eyes as well. Standing before me was once again proof of Clear Skin Solutions’ hard work and that, sometimes, husbands who ask silly questions may be worth listening to.

To become part of our Clear Skin Solutions family and get access to hassle-free online shopping, simply book your consultation with us; I can’t wait to walk you through which treatments and at-home skin care products will give you the best skin of your life!

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