How Icing Can Clear Your Skin Fast

How Icing Can Clear Your Skin Fast

You heard it here first, skincare lovers– ice on pimples is your anti-acne secret weapon!

Today, we take a deep-dive into the anti-inflammatory properties of icing your acne (otherwise known as “cryotherapy”), how you can start integrating this long-lasting treatment into your at-home skincare routine, and, of course, how the professionals here at Clear Skin Solutions recommend maximizing your results.

Why Use Ice on Pimples?

How icing can clear your skin fast boils down to one thing: inflammation.

Think of it like this– when an injury becomes inflamed you ice it, right? Well, the exact same methodology can be applied to acne! Because cysts, nodules, pustules, and papules are due to over inflammation and dysfunction of the pores, applying ice can directly reduce a pimple’s size, coloring, and length of stay… just like how icing an injury can speed up its recovery time!

Added benefits of ice include its convenience, and ease of application. Ice can be integrated into any existing AM or PM skincare routine, regardless of the products you’re currently using. For those with cystic acne, ice may also provide a temporary relief to pain thanks to its numbing effect. 

While icing for acne is simple, straightforward, and scientifically proven to calm inflammatory pimples, that doesn’t mean it’s a catch-all– for best results, remember that ice won’t touch non-inflammatory types of acne (like blackheads!)

The Potential Pitfalls of Icing Your Acne

While icing your acne is simple, straightforward, and scientifically-proven to calm inflammatory pimples, that doesn’t mean it’s a catch-all.

When using ice to help clear your acne, remember that:

  • Ice should never be applied directly to your skin and should be instead wrapped in a clean towel or compress, to avoid burns from frostbite (excessive redness, blistering, long-term numbness, and changes in skin color are all warning signs that your skin may be frostbitten)
  • Ice is not a substitute for a thorough Skin Therapist-recommended skincare routine and cannot cleanse or exfoliate your skin

…As long as you keep these points in mind, y’all, you’re in business to start using ice as your next favorite skincare tool! 

Your Icing Anti-Acne Routine

Here at Clear Skin Solutions, we love how icing can clear your skin fast– and want to make sure you’re leveraging it in your daily skincare routines!

Some of our favorite ways to factor in icing include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Applying ice in one-minute intervals after completing both our AM and PM skincare routines (with half an hour in between to ensure that our serums have had time to be absorbed!) to see pimples shrink overnight. Remember to follow with your favorite moisturizer to avoid dehydration 
  • Giving our faces an “ice bath” in the mornings to see its immediate circulation, pigmentation, and skin-smoothing benefits 
  • Adding ice into our lymphatic drainage techniques, since cold contracts your lymph vessels and, in turn, reduces swelling

When in doubt, we recommend our brand-new Magic Ice Balls to elevate your acne-icing routine– these easy-to-store, even easier-to-use applicators are heaven-sent when it comes to both acneic and aging skin. Simply store in your freezer and take them out for icing application where you need it, when you need it… all without melting ice cubes or accidentally burning your face due to excess cold!

Use the Magic Ice Balls alongside our Facial Oil Rollers (one for aging, one for acne) to calm the skin while simultaneously calming all skin issues, even those unrelated to acne or aging– due to its anti-inflammation effects, we encourage all of our clients to utilize the Magic Ice Balls. Talk about keeping cool this summer!

Leverage How Icing Can Clear Your Skin Fast ASAP

Y’all, icing is our favorite way to manage and mitigate acne in the summertime– and recommend its use all year long!

For best results, pair your Magic Ice Balls with the Sulfur Healing Mask or the Charcoal Healing Mask.

Need more tips on how to weave icing into your current skincare treatments? Contact us today to ask one of our expert Skin Therapists. 

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