How to Know If You Have a Compromised Skin Barrier

How to Know If You Have a Compromised Skin Barrier

How to know if you have a compromised skin barrier?

It’s a good question, especially as we enter the drier winter season. Today at Clear Skin Solutions, we’ll be detailing what a skin barrier is, how to know if yours has been compromised, and, of course, how to begin repairing it ASAP.

Without further ado…


What is a Skin Barrier?

Your skin’s barrier is made up of multiple layers, all of which are crucial in healthy skin function. 

The outermost layer of the barrier (named the stratum corneum) is the first and toughest line of defense. Made of thick skin cells that are bound by thick lipids, which are the building blocks for the structure and function of living cells, the outermost layer is where you will first see signs of compromise.

Within the skin cells of this outermost layer is the second layer, where essential natural moisturizers, cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides are stored. This combination protects your body from harmful environmental toxins and viruses while simultaneously retaining hydration levels.

The list of both internal and external conditions that can negatively impact your skin’s barrier is long. Some of the most common include:

  • Over-exfoliating
  • Steroid usage
  • Excess dryness or humidity
  • Allergens
  • Irritants
  • Pollution
  • Chemicals

How to Know If You Have a Compromised Skin Barrier

Common signs of a compromised barrier are:

  • Makeup that doesn’t sit right: Dry and flaky skin that makeup doesn’t sit well on is one of the first red flags regarding a compromised skin barrier
  • Itching or burning of the skin: Is your skin itching, burning, and/or turning red upon the application of your favorite products? If so, book a virtual appointment with Clear Skin Solutions today because your skin barrier is in dire need of professional repair
  • Chronic dehydration: If your skin isn’t responding to at-home moisturizing or hydration treatments, it means that your skin barrier is officially damaged and will need professional advice in order to reverse the damage done
  • Acne and inflammation in the skin and other skin issues aren’t clearing up as well as expected while on recommended skincare products: Acne, inflammation, and other common skin concerns can’t be worked on until your barrier has been repaired. A damaged skin barrier can’t handle active products and will, in turn, be more damaged if aggressive treatments are continued. If your skin is out of whack, treat your skin barrier as a priority! You’ll find that your real skin concerns are treated much more easily after.

Knowing that you have a compromised skin barrier is one thing, but understanding how it came to be so is, arguably, even more important. Never hesitate to set up an appointment with us to discuss what lifestyle, diet, and topical choices are being made that are inadvertently impacting your skin barrier negatively.

How to Repair a Compromised Skin Barrier

Y’all, it is way too common to assume that you can just come by our physical location (or enjoy one of our many virtual services!) to reverse a compromised skin barrier lickety-split.

However, treatments like microneedling, chemical peels, laser treatments, and injectables are all a no-go if the skin barrier is in need of repair. Why? Because we can’t work our magic on damaged skin! To begin to correct any skin concerns, we need to first ensure that we’re working on an “intact canvas”.

This is especially true as we transition into the drier weather that winter typically promises: after all, you don’t want to go into the driest time of the year with a predisposition of dehydration and irritation. 

We typically treat compromised skin barriers through our tried-and-true Virtual Skin Programs. In this five-step program, our trained professionals here at Clear Skin Solutions:

  • Get you started on your three-month virtual program via the purchase of the said program
  • Email you a booking link to schedule your 45-minute Clarity Call, which is held over Zoom and takes a deep-dive into both old and new skin-related issues. This call is how we formulate your in-depth, fully-customized clear skin home care plan
  • Mail you your first month of professional skin care and accompanying supplements (alongside skin care samples that you can test!) This is the first step in the Clear Skin Program, as we first start with repairing the skin’s barrier via a strong at-home skin routine
  • Send you your 10-week custom skin care plan alongside access to our exclusive Clear Skin Shop, where our best products can be found
  • Follow up with you every two weeks for three months via email coaching, one-on-one support, and calls

Have any further questions on how to know if you have a compromised skin barrier (and how best to fix it?) Contact the Clear Skin Solutions team today.

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