Introducing the Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate Referral Program

Introducing the Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate Referral Program

For us here at Clear Skin Solutions med spa in Ardmore, Oklahoma, watching the physical (and emotional!) transformation of our clients is what it’s all about— which is why we are so excited and grateful to have launched our Clear Skin Solutions Affiliate Referral Program. 

As a mother-daughter team who got their start in a tiny two-room studio here in Ardmore, Clear Skin Solutions med spa has always kept the focus on transformational beauty outcomes… and to now have the opportunity to give back to our skin-loving community via our Affiliate Referral Program is a long-awaited dream come true!

Keep reading to learn more about our Affiliate Referral Program and why we’re so thrilled about it.


The Clear Skin Solutions’ Affiliate Referral Program: Combine Clear Skin With Instant Commission From Home

Whether it be because of COVID-19, managing day-to-day family affairs, or simply having the desire to turn your love of skin care into tangible cash flow, Clear Skin Solutions is now inviting clients and customers to become part of our brand via social selling: the act of referring friends, family, and social media followers to our Clear Skin Solutions programs and products using your own custom affiliate link!

At Clear Skin Solutions, we racked our brains for years on how to invite our clients customers into the fold: having the ability to engage with you all on FacebookInstagram, and, of course, directly via our blend of virtual and in-person services, makes our dedication to results-oriented beauty outcomes 110% worth it, and we wanted to think of a way to continue delivering science-backed results while enhancing the way you could interact with us and our offers!

Fun, no-risk, and accompanied by a slew of benefits (like not having a cap on your earning potential!), we settled on our Affiliate Referral Program as a way to further welcome clients and customers into the Clear Skin Solutions family. After all, what better way to be able to buy more skin care products that you love than referring skin care products that you love. 

The Clear Skin Solutions’ Affiliate Referral Program: Your Frequently-Asked Questions, Answered

  • “Is it really true that there is no maximum cap on referral commission payouts?”
    • That’s right: with a base commission of 10%, we put no cap on your earning potential as a CSS Affiliate and offer individual bonus Affiliate commissions to Affiliates who are knocking it out of the park! The only thing you need to know is that we maintain a minimum threshold payment of $150 to ensure that you’re getting a worthwhile amount of cash each payout period, which is automated to be within the first week of every month via PayPal.
  • “Is being an Affiliate like being an influencer?”
    • They’re certainly similar! While both Affiliates and influencers work with companies to help promote their brand, influencers are most commonly bloggers, media personalities and celebrities (think Kylie Jenner!) and are typically paid via flat flees or free products. Affiliate marketing, meanwhile, is a revenue avenue that is designed to grow: rather than flat rates or freebies, Affiliates receive a percentage of referrals when leads make a purchase using their custom Affiliate link. The result? Revenue that just keeps on growing, rather than going stale after one endorsement!
  • “Is there a contract involved?”
    • Yes, but we keep our working agreement short, sweet, and headache-free; it’s just there to establish clear communication and expectations so that all of us are on the same page. That way you can jump in and start earning ASAP!

Convert CSS’s Clear Skin Promise to Cash in Your Pocket

At Clear Skin Solutions, we focus on quality, science-backed services and products vs. relying on trends and hype… and now you can too. Become a part of the Clear Skin Solutions family today and join us in being a trusted resource for advanced skin treatments and products today!

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