Just Say No to Inflammation

Just Say No to Inflammation

We here at Clear Skin Solutions can’t emphasize it enough: our “less is more” approach is directly tied to reducing your inflammation.

Why? Well, in the words of accredited CPD provider Pastiche Training, “Consider [inflammation] an analogy of a house with holes in the roof: the inner part of the house is open to the extremes of the environment and becomes damp and mouldy, creating an unhealthy ecosystem for the residents. When thinking of a compromised skin in these terms it immediately becomes apparent and logical that, by repairing the outer defense and structural components of the epidermis, the inner world will return to homeostasis and calm.”

In short: regardless of your skin concerns, focusing first on repairing the outermost layer of your skin and diminishing inflammation is the first step towards healthy, glowing skin for life. 


What Exactly IS Inflammation?

Classified as one of the most common skin complaints, inflammatory conditions can take many forms and stem from a variety of triggers: as part of your body’s immune response to infections and damage to tissue, acute or chronic inflammation can take the form of rashes, itchiness, redness, eczema, psoriasis, and/or rosacea. 

Triggers for acute inflammation include allergens, chemical irritants (such as hair dye), ionizing radiation, and/or UV rays, while chronic inflammation stems from your immune cells’ unregulated inflammatory response. 

If these symptoms sound familiar, don’t fret; over 30 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of skin inflammation, which is exactly why we here at Clear Skin Solutions ensure that it is the first skin component that we treat. 

Our Inflammation Focus

Founded and managed by mother-daughter duo Nyki (myself!) and Amelia Dobson, our clinic here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, ensures that inflammation becomes a thing of the past for you– and I elevate that via my ongoing skin care education and years of prior experience.  

We’ve adopted our inflammation motto from Pastiche Training, which is “Repair, Replenish, and Regenerate”. Meaning that, if you’re here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and opt for an in-person first consultation, one of our first courses of action is to view your skin under specialized blue light in order to see inflammation that the naked eye cannot (as depicted in the photos above!) Many times, clients will come in wanting a treatment done that they don’t realize will further inflame their skin and cause long-standing damage. Before performing any treatments, we repair and replenish the skin so that you can reap the proper benefits of the treatments you’re requesting

Having trained with Dr. Lance Setterfield, one of the most sought-after microneedling medical doctors in the world, I have long since adopted Dr. Setterfield’s three-pronged approach to fighting inflammation: choosing the right ingredients for your specific skin needs, the right treatment plan, and the right timing. The importance of an ingredient list and treatment plan tailored to your unique skin may be self-explanatory, but the correct timing? Well, that’s the glue that holds the other two components together.

Having your Skin Specialist dial in the timing of and duration of your treatments is essential: physical treatments spaced too far apart will lack the amount of growth factors required to fully rejuvenate your skin; physical treatments begun before your inflammation is fully under control may hinder your healing process; and, lastly, post-inflammation treatments– such as microneedling– can work to induce cell-to-cell memory and undo the damage your inflammation has caused, but only if your Skin Specialist ensures that the timing is right. With microneedling, the right depth and duration of treatments makes all the difference. 

Why the Emphasis on Physical Treatments?

While following the right lifestyle and home care routine is vital to beautiful, healthy skin for life, physical treatments are equally as essential, especially when in regards to inflammation. Our inflammation treatment of choice? Microneedling.

Used to treat pigment cells that struggle with over-producing or under-producing pigment (which, in turn, leads to inflammation), microneedling is the Clear Skin Solutions top-pick when it comes to treating inflammation because of its non-invasiveness, zero-downtime, and ability to tighten skin, restore elasticity, diminish the look of pores, and reduce inflammation-related scarring.

If you are looking to take microneedling treatments to the next level, we recommend treatments that include growth factors– our favorite being PRPs!

Growth factors, molecule-stimulating substances used to rejuvenate skin cells and promote healing time, are widely used in skin care, with PRPs being the top growth factors available: platelet-rich plasma (PRP) speeds the time and depth of skin healing, and, when coupled with microneedling treatments, packs a powerful anti-inflammatory punch. 

Tired of Living With Inflammation?

If you’re fortunate enough to live here in Ardmore, Oklahoma, we recommend Dr. Harry Galoob for PRP: if you want a PRP-infused treatment– such as our Vampire Facial!– Dr. Galoob extracts PRP to be used in your Microneedling Treatments with the PRP he creates usable for up to five days post-treatment– giving your skin the extra boost it needs to not just heal, but replenish itself wholly. The best part? He’s a mere two doors down from us!

“Nyki, what is a Vampire Facial?” you may be asking. Our Vampire Facial is a specialized microneedling procedure in which blood is drawn from your body, spun to separate the PRP, and then applied during the microneedling process to ensure that the growth factors penetrate deeply into your skin to promote drastic tightening and skin healing.

Contact us today to learn how our Skin Specialists can help you reverse inflammation and see if microneedling is for you. 

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