The Anti-Aging Mistakes YOU Are Making at Home

The Anti-Aging Mistakes YOU Are Making at Home

Ah, finding an effective anti-aging routine: a universal struggle, and yet one that so many of us tackle incorrectly!

With the stay-at-home orders that have come alongside COVID-19, reaping maximum results from your at-home skin care routine has never been more vital…especially when it comes to anti-aging. But you know what we here at Clear Skin Solutions are seeing during our Virtual Skin Programs?

  • High inflammation
  • Inconsistent anti-aging routine steps
  • Ill-advised product usage
  • ….and much more!

And what does that yield? Ineffectiveness when it comes to combating the physical signs of aging.

Today, Clear Skin Solutions is taking a deep-dive into the anti-aging mistakes you are likely making at home (as well as what to do instead!)


Anti-Aging Mistake #1: Not Treating Your Neck

With “text neck” on the rise, neglecting your neck during your anti-aging routine is a surefire way to see those folds and wrinkles worsen over time. 

What to do instead: adhere to the saying “your face starts from the chest up”! Maintain good posture, keep your phone at eye-level when texting to avoid neck creasing, and treat your neck just as you would your face in order to combat collagen loss. 

As a bonus? Request to include your neck in our HiFU, a powerful non-surgical solution for “turkey neck”!

Anti-Aging Mistake #2: Not Getting a Pro’s Opinion

“But Nyki,” you may be thinking, “I just have a simple anti-aging routine that seems to be working fine! Why would I need a professional opinion?”

Well, let’s bounce a question back to you. Are you considering the following when building your at-home anti-aging routine?

  • Existing home care routine
  • Diet
  • Daily supplements
  • Current medications
  • Overall lifestyle

In all likelihood, no! Which leaves your anti-aging routine open to mistakes that may leave it ineffective or, worse, harmful to your skin’s health.

What to do instead: book a New Client Skin Consultation with Clear Skin Solutions in order to receive an in-depth skin assessment and design both a treatment program and home care plan based on your skin analysis and skin care goals. The result? No more throwing away money on products that, while highly-acclaimed, may not be the best fit for your skin!

 (An example? You wouldn’t believe how much inflammation we see in clients who have been using Skinceuticals at home, simply because it’s either not right for their skin or is being paired incorrectly with other products!)

Anti-Aging Mistake #3: Not Slathering On That Sunscreen

That’s right: sunscreen is often hailed as the most important anti-aging product, and it’s no wonder why— in a study from the Annals of Internal Medicine, Australian researchers found that photo-aging from sun exposure impacted nearly 100% of people aged 55 and younger. Study participants who wore sunscreen daily displayed 24% less skin aging after four years compared to those who applied sunscreen inconsistently (or not at all.)

So if you’re guilty of not slathering on that sunscreen? Turn that around starting today!

What to do instead: banish the myth that sunscreen is only for the summer or when you’re outdoors to stop physical signs of aging in its tracks! Apply sunscreen daily to your face, neck, and chest in gentle upward motions to both smooth fine lines and slow the appearance of further sun-triggered wrinkles and age spots.

Which of These Anti-Aging Mistakes Are YOU Making at Home?

Reach out to the Clear Skin Solutions team today to iron out the anti-aging mistakes you’re making at home and get your skin on the path to long-lasting youthfulness!

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