The High Cost of Clear Skin: Examining the Risks and Side Effects of Acne Medication

The High Cost of Clear Skin: Examining the Risks and Side Effects of Acne Medication

Are you ready to unlock the key to achieving a clear complexion once and for all through holistic lifestyle changes and addressing the underlying causes? Nyki & Amelia are here to share the solution so you can make it happen!

Their journey began when they realized that conventional acne medications such as antibiotics and Accutane often did more harm than good. The turning point came when Nyki witnessed her cousin’s struggle with the side effects of Accutane, which caused not only physical harm but, shockingly, also a personality change. 

This experience only fuelled their determination to find a better way to treat acne without resorting to potentially harmful medications.

In this episode, you will:

  • Discover the hidden risks and side effects associated with conventional acne medications.
  • Learn the significance of tackling acne’s root causes for long-lasting and effective solutions.
  • Uncover the powerful combination of a healthy diet, proper sleep, and gut health for achieving clear skin.
  • Realize how birth control pills could potentially obscure acne’s underlying issues, hindering true resolution.

We KNOW that acne can be a frustrating and crushing skin condition. It can cause a range of emotions, from low self-esteem and negative inner chatter to avoiding social situations and feeling unattractive and judged. Many people who struggle with acne often seek quick solutions to get rid of it, but unfortunately, there is no magic bullet.d

It’s easy to get caught up in the obsession to find a solution at any cost, but the real cost can be seriously concerning.


Time Stamps: 

2:14 – Are antibiotics and meds such as Accutane ACTUALLY safe for acne treatment?

4:20 – What are the risks involved with taking acne medication? 

7:28 –  What about birth control pills? In the media, we’re seeing it as one of the IDEAL solutions. 

12:12 – What ARE the alternatives to medication for acne treatment? There HAS to be something that WORKS and is also SAFE for our bodies.

13:25 – How CAN acne be cleared without medication?


At the end of the day, struggling with acne can be an extremely difficult journey to handle on your own. The good news is that there are solutions available, such as our Virtual Skin Program with a 98% success rate. 

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