What is Acclimation?

What is Acclimation?

What is acclimation in skincare?

That’s a great question, and one we here at Clear Skin Solutions frequently get asked. 

Today, we’re detailing what acclimation in skincare is (and busting some serious myths surrounding it!)

Have your reading glasses on? Good. Let’s go.


What is Exactly is Skincare Acclimation?

Defined as the process of becoming accustomed to new conditions, acclimation in skincare specifically refers to your skin becoming used to the ingredients in your at-home skincare routine.

The biggest role in this is your skin’s cell turnover cycle. With the average cell turnover cycle being between 30 and 45 days, certain skincare ingredients (like retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids) can accelerate that timeline and make dead skin cells shed faster–which, if your skin isn’t used to it, can trigger irritation or dryness.

Why Your Skin Needs to Acclimate to Your Skincare

Skincare acclimation, sometimes known as “skin purging”, is near-unavoidable when introducing active ingredients to your home care routine.  When done with the guidance of a pro, you may experience a “controlled purge”… especially if you are prone to whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and/or pustules. 

It is also a completely normal process– don’t stress, y’all! Signs of skincare acclimation can include flaking or breakouts. While this may trick you into thinking that your current skincare lineup just isn’t right for you, in actuality it’s simply your skin ridding itself of oil, bacteria, and/or debris. 

When done alongside the guidance of a skincare professional, skin acclimation is first about hydrating the skin and keeping your moisture barrier intact to keep that flaking and irritation controlled. It involves slowly introducing active ingredients–the ones that create the change for acne-clearing, pro-aging, and pigmentation mitigation–so that the skin doesn’t become too dry or irritated in the process. When done right, that flaking and those breakouts are kept to an absolute minimum… and, of course, you’ll start seeing real results that much faster!

Purging can last between four and six weeks… and is something that happens frequently when acne sufferers try integrating active ingredients into their skincare on their own! During this time, avoid picking at your skin or neglecting to wear sunscreen: your skin’s natural moisture barrier will need all the help it can get to stay as balanced and hydrated as possible. If you’re throwing everything you can get your hands on at your complexion in an attempt to stop your breakouts fast, know that you’re probably trapped in the vicious cycle of drying your skin out, triggering purging, and making your skin worse… only to dive right back into it with a new active ingredient!

“How Do I Know If My Skin is Purging or Breaking Out?”

Sometimes, you may integrate a product into your routine that genuinely is breaking you out–whether that be because it’s poor-quality, contains ingredients that are pore-clogging, or is too strong and is subsequently causing consistent over-exfoliation.

Here’s how to tell it’s a breakout vs. a purge:

  • You’re breaking out in an area that you don’t typically experience acne
  • The pimples and/or inflammation take between a week and two weeks to appear and are slow to subside

Purging-related inflammation generally appears quickly upon application and happens in areas where you frequently break out.

“Should I Switch to a New Product Once My Skin Becomes Acclimated?”

Not necessarily.

Once the acclimation period has passed, that means your skin has switched to “maintenance mood” and is now fully benefiting from the active ingredients at hand. If your Skin Therapist recommends you switch or up the strength of that specific product in order to bolster your results, you can comfortably do so.

This is yet another bonus to having a professional guide–they keep tabs on your skin and can adjust your product strength when needed. When going at it alone, you can oftentimes get trapped in a cycle of frustration by not knowing when (or if!) to switch your products or product strengths!

How Clear Skin Solutions Helps With Skincare Acclimation 

Have you ever bought an expensive (or maybe a very not expensive) product to add to your home care routine, began applying it, and…your face is suddenly on fire?

Are you allergic? Is the formulation too strong for your skin? Is it making you break out? Without the guidance of a skincare professional, you’re shooting in the dark–and likely wasting money in the meantime! It’s also a red flag that you’re going too fast: if you haven’t taken the time to prep your skin’s moisture barrier, you’ll continue to feel like your face is on fire… especially if you jump into treatment-type products like retinol! Hydration is the “location, location, location” of successful skincare.

Our Virtual Acne Program is a combination of eLearning, three months of personalized skin coaching with an experienced and licensed Skin Therapist, and the at-home use of acne-safe products. Since 90% of your skincare results can be achieved through products alone, the Virtual Acne Program is the perfect solution for glowing skin without needing to step foot in a spa. No matter where you live in the United States, skincare solutions are available. 

That means you can avoid breakouts–and keep purging to a minimum–via:

  • Using the right strength of product formulations for your skin’s current state
  • Having a professional skin expert who you can ask questions to and have guide you through each and every stage of your skin-clearing journey
  • Receiving additional lifestyle advice (like cleaner eating or eliminating surprise acne triggers, like swapping out your detergent) that can further accelerate your skin’s repair process

Here’s what’s included in every Virtual Acne Program:

  • A one-on-one Clarity Call where you’ll meet on Zoom with your assigned skin specialist to get a deeper understanding of what’s happening with your skin (and a comprehensive treatment plan!) ($150 value)
  • Unlimited access to our client Acne Education portal; no BS, easy video how-to’s & Acne Facts quick reference sheets to keep your acne triggers top of mind ($400 value)
  • Six bi-weekly check-ins via email with your acne specialist to help you stay on track with your clear skin program ($300 value)
  • Six bi-weekly acne-busting support with your Skin Therapist to investigate and troubleshoot lingering biology or lifestyle acne triggers ($150 value)
  • Six bi-weekly skin analysis and product adjustments as your skin progresses through the program to create faster transformation ($300 value)
  • A one-month supply of acne-safe Clear Skin Solutions products ($300 value)
  • Access to the Clear Skin Facebook Support Group to connect with our Acne Specialists. Ask quick questions, share your clear skin journey and be a part of a community that understands your acne struggles and wins ($150 value)
  • Beautiful clear skin you know how to maintain for life! (Priceless)

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