You Don’t HAVE to Embrace Acne; Clear it Instead!

You Don’t HAVE to Embrace Acne; Clear it Instead!

Here at Clear Skin Solutions, we’re firm in the following belief: that avoidance is not the key to freedom when it comes to acne. What is? Clear skin!

“But Nyki,” you may be saying, “what about people who can’t achieve clear skin? Shouldn’t they embrace the skin they’re in?” To which we say: absolutely! However, acne can be controlled for everyone if the correct approach is taken… meaning that if you’re one of those people who believes that clear skin just isn’t an option for them then this blog is the universe’s way of saying to not throw in the towel just yet!


The Convergence of Science and Self-Love

One of the reasons why we excel in effectively treating acne both here at our physical location in Ardmore, Oklahoma and via our popular virtual skin program is that we are dedicated to science, personalization, and whole-body health. What does that boil down to? Well, we avoid the common pitfalls that both professional and acne treatments tend to stumble into. 

How? By welcoming the convergence of science and self-love. We here at Clear Skin Solutions take into account, for both our in-person and virtual acne clients:

  • That clearing acne isn’t feasible with a one-size-fits-all approach; our New Client Acne Consultation determines your acne type and severity, your skin type, and your skin’s tolerance, which is essential for our acne experts to build a detailed skin profile to base your at-home treatment off of.
  • That clearing acne takes time: while we’ve seen astonishing results in as little as two months, getting acne under control can take four months or longer depending on the preferred treatment type, severity of acne, and client’s lifestyle.
  • …Which leads us to our, arguably, most important point: that lifestyle, particularly diet, deeply impacts not only the severity of your acne but the length of your treatment. We here at Clear Skin Solutions thoroughly review your current home care routine, diet, supplements, medications, and general lifestyle to determine how best to integrate treatment into your day-to-day life.

“But I’ve Tried EVERYTHING to Clear My Acne! I’m Convinced Nothing Would Work For Me!”

That’s where you’re wrong! You wouldn’t believe how many clients visit us with both at-home skin care routines and general lifestyles that are unknowingly triggering inflammation in the body that leads to premature aging and acne.

Our clients are beautiful inside and out whether they have the mildest or most severe case of acne; with that being said, loving the skin we’re in, on top of feeling confident in ourselves, should also extend to unlearning the unkind things we’re accidentally inflicting onto our skin! After all, skin concerns are almost always our body trying to alert us that something isn’t right.

The most common lifestyle offenders linked to acne?

  • Coconut or cooking oils used as topicals
  • Fragrance (in soaps or laundry detergent)
  • Comedogenic shampoos and conditioners
  • Detrimental skin care routines or products
  • The inclusion of acne-triggering foods
  • Stress

Not only do our Skin Therapists review skin care products, lifestyle, and diet, one commonly-overlooked acne trigger we focus on is stress: we take pride in imparting heart-centered methods to calm nerves and determine if you are suffering from subconscious or suppressed stress on a day-to-day basis that may, in turn, be making it difficult to clear your acne.

Avoidance Isn’t the Key to Freedom: Self-Love Is (and That Can Include Clear Skin!)

So many of our acne clients came to us ready to throw in the towel on their acne, only to find that their treatment plan was more straightforward than they had thought possible. With a Skin Therapist’s professional guidance, patience, and dedicating yourself to staying on track with your treatment plan, you too can genuinely love the skin you’re in.

Contact us today to book your consultation of choice: we can’t wait to cut through the trends, hypes, and acne myths to guide you towards the clear skin you deserve.

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