How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work? 

Our HELIOS tattoo removal laser works by applying a focused beam of light targeted at tattoo pigment in different skin layers. The laser heats up the tattoo pigment and destroys it, without causing any damage to nearby skin tissue. Because tattoo ink is simply liquid color, the laser crystallizes the substance while the body treats it as a foreign object and works its way out of the body through your lymphatic system.

Please note that some types of tattoo ink and colors can be more stubborn to remove than others and may require additional treatments.

How many laser treatments will I need to remove my tattoo? 

It can take 8-10 sessions to fully remove your tattoo depending on the age of tattoo and ink used. Every tattoo is different.

What does laser tattoo removal feel like? 

The sensation is commonly described as similar to getting a tattoo or being popped by a rubber band. Just like a tattoo it also varies depending on the location of the work. We do offer cold air as well as topical or injectable number to help with comfort.

What’s The Difference Between Different Lasers For Tattoo Removal?

The HELIOS laser uses patented 4G toning technology which uses four modes of wavelengths versus the traditional two modes. This means that the HELIOS laser effectively treats all colors and pigments settled at various depths, reducing treatment time while simultaneously boosting effectiveness.


1” x 1”      | $150

2” x 2”      | $200

4” x 4”      | $300

10” x 10”  | $500

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