Our acne treatments are unique in that we only offer skin care programs that include specific home care and a series of facials in order to clear skin fast, not single treatments. We know that true skin transformation requires time and commitment from both the skin therapist and the client. All new clients are required to book a New Client Acne Consultation (with or without the treatment) as their first step to clear, radiant skin.

If you’re receiving acne treatments with us at our Ardmore, Oklahoma location, your skin therapist may suggest additional treatment options to facilitate your acne healing.

New Client Acne Consultation + Skin Clearing Treatment

$400 | 1 hr 20 min | Book Now »

Following your consultation, you’ll receive a complimentary customized Clearing Treatment Starter Pack to begin the healing process of your acne.

After this appointment, this service is to be scheduled as a biweekly acne treatment until your skin therapist determines you’re ready for our Acne Maintenance Program.

Includes a Hydration Starter Kit, a one-month supply of skin care to prepare your skin for more active ingredients that will be recommended further along in your program.

  • Clear Skin Solutions Essential Cleanser
  • Clear Skin Solutions Hydration Toner
  • Clear Skin Solutions Renewal Serum Mandelic 5%
  • Clear Skin Solutions Acne Gel with Benzoyl Peroxide 2.8%
  • Clear Skin Solutions RevitA Level One
  • Clear Skin Solutions Balanced Hydration
  • Clear Skin Solutions Peptide+ Moisturizer
  • 60 ProOmega fish oil capsules (30-day supply)

*Full size skin care products are not included in the cost of the treatment.

Skin Clearing Treatment

$80 | 40 min | Book Now »

After your initial consultation & facial, we will want to see you every two weeks for a Skin Clearing Treatment. It typically takes about six to eight services over a 3 to 4-month period of time to get you mostly to completely clear. As your skin becomes clearer, your treatments will vary as we focus on different aspects of your skin healing and health.

Treatment upgrades may include:
  • MicroNeedling/Stamping | $400
  • Radio Frequency MicroNeedling | $400
  • IPL | $380 |Full Face
  • Get Glowing Peel | $150 | $300
  • HIFU > See pricing in the Advanced Pro-Aging Treatments section

Your skin therapist will design your treatment plan and frequency. After your acne is under control, you will simply need to maintain your home care products to keep clear.

Virtual Skin Program – Acne

$400 | 55 min | Book Now »

Includes Hydration Starter Kit

Just because you don’t live here in Ardmore, Oklahoma doesn’t mean you can’t have clear skin fast! Schedule a virtual skin care consultation and connect with your skin therapist via phone where she will review your submitted New Client Intake and skin pics to build a detailed profile of your skin and design a powerful acne home care plan.

“After less than 2 months of seeing Nyki Dobson at Clear Skin Solutions in Ardmore, I can smile without my face hurting, run my hands across it without hitting a bump and tearing up due to the pain, shave and not have blood dripping from acne. I couldn’t be happier with my results so far. Thank you Nyki. You are a miracle worker.”
– Sergio

Looking for clear skin solutions but not local to Ardmore, Oklahoma?

Acne Treatment Enhancements

Add Dermaplaning | $50

Dermaplaning is an effective exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration and boosts the effects of skin care products while making the skin look and feel smoother as well as reducing the appearance of acne scars. The treatment also works to remove facial hair that can trap dirt and oils and is appropriate for almost all skin types and provides near-instant results with no downtime.

Add LED | $30

LED Blue, Green, Red + stimulates cellular growth, promotes healing. Great for all skin types (including Rosacea), whether you are trying to reduce acne and/or slow down the aging process.

Acne LED

Add Microcurrent | $30

Add Microcurrent to your treatment to improve muscle tone, reduce wrinkles and increase facial circulation using a low level current to trigger the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level. Fights the signs of aging and provides exceptional lifting & toning

Acne FAQ’s

I’ve suffered with acne and have followed other skin care routines and gone to dermatologists. What’s so different about your acne program?

Our program is a full approach that focuses on lifestyle, food, medications, cosmetics, stress and active products. Any one approach alone and it’s not enough to clear your skin. Acne is a mysterious and frustrating disorder. But one thing is for sure – Acne can only be controlled with the right combination of active products and by following the full routine as prescribed by your Skin Therapist.

We encourage you to check out our Clear Skin Solutions Before & After Acne images to see real Clear Skin Solutions Acne clients that had real & lasting results to their breakouts. But we are completely honest about our acne results – if you only make partial effort, you’ll only get partial outcomes.

I’ve tried another Acne skin care lines that worked for awhile, but then stopped working at all. How do I know this won't happen with the Clear Skin Solutions products as well.

We hear about this all the time. The best analogy we can give is that your skin routine for healing acne is much like working out at the gym and doing the same routine over and over again – your fitness level quickly reaches a plateau. At Clear Skin Solutions, we don’t sell you products and leave you to figure it out on your own – your Skin Therapist is more like a skin care coach in that she will be consistently monitoring how your skin is acclimating to your home care products and will slowly adjust your routine as we progress to clear skin.

Does insurance pay for your program?

No, at this time it does not. Some clients have found that they can write off their acne program as a health expense, or use their expense account credit card/check. This is between you and your accountant. We do not bill your insurance.

Will I have to use your products forever? How is this different?

Here’s the thing – you’ll always need to wash your face and use a skin routine to maintain your skin health. Isn’t it great to know that you’ll always have great skin products that actually do what you need them to at your fingertips? Because we sell our products on our website as well as at the spa, you’ll always have easy access to reorders. And, as you age, your Skin Therapist will guide you to other products that work for Anti Aging without breaking you out. Most of us “Acne Sufferers” are already well into the aging process and we finally get products that work for both!!

If I had a Virtual Skin Consultation 6 months ago and my skin is starting to break out again, do I need another Consult?

Yes, your first consultation is to get you through your first 3 months of clear skin. Any time simple adjustments are needed, we’re happy to help via text or email. If you find you’re breaking out again, a new consultation is needed for a full re-evaluation to determine what may have changed and create a new treatment plan to get it back under control.