How to Fight Pigmentation This Autumn

How to Fight Pigmentation This Autumn

Are you grappling with pigmentation in the wake of summer?

If you’re nodding your head, know that you’re not alone, Ardmore: pigmentation is one of the top skin conditions we treat throughout autumn here at Clear Skin Solutions and, as such, we know a thing or two about getting it under control.

Today’s blog is dedicated to how to fight pigmentation this autumn. Strap on your boxing gloves, y’all: these tips mean business!


The Definition of Pigmentation (and Why Summer is a Big Culprit!)

Pigmentation (also referred to as “hyperpigmentation”) of the skin is, contrary to popular belief, not a condition; instead, it is a term used to describe darkened or discolored skin.

Pigmentation most commonly emerges in one of the following three forms:

  • Small patches of darkened or discolored skin
  • Large patches of darkened or discolored skin
  • The entirety of the body being darkened or discolored

This discoloration can include red, brown, and black skin pigmentation.

Our expert Skin Therapists frequently see each of the three types of pigmentation, which are melasma (oftentimes triggered by hormonal imbalances), sun spots (oftentimes triggered by sun exposure), and post-inflammatory erythema (oftentimes triggered by acne or other skin-related trauma). Because pigmentation of all kinds can frequently be linked back to UV rays, Fall is the time of the year where people first start noticing what all that time in the sun has done to their face!

While pigmentation is harmless healthwise, it can have a knock-on impact on one’s self-esteem. As such, we here at Clear Skin Solutions have stocked up on a multitude of ways to effectively fight pigmentation this autumn.

Tip #1: Start With an Iron-Clad Home Care Routine

All results start with the basics.

In this case, “the basics” means dialling in your home care routine… both A.M and P.M!

Whether it be in-person or via one of our many virtual skin programs, we take your skin health seriously. Your assigned skin therapist will review your submitted New Client Intake form and photos of your skin to build a detailed profile of your skin needs, as well as design a powerful home care plan. After your consultation, your new home care program will kick off with our Hydration Basics Kit (consisting of a cleanser, toner, hydration, and moisturizer) and accompanying instructions, all shipped right to your door.

Throughout your clear skin journey, the Skin Therapists here at Clear Skin Solutions we continue to advise on and tailor your home care routine to help you not just meet your pigmentation-related goals, but surpass them.

Tip #2: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Prescriptions

While product recommendations, lifestyle changes, and, above all, consistency play crucial roles in clearing pigmentation, don’t underestimate the power of prescriptions.

We recommend opting for prescription-strength topical tyrosinase, which reduces and targets pigmentation at the source while simultaneously working as a skin-lightening agent.

Forms of topical tyrosinase inhibitors include:

As with all products, we recommend consulting with your skin therapist before incorporating any new products into your home care routine.

Tip #3: Get Peeling!

In tandem with a consistent home care routine and prescription-strength topicals, peels are another key step to pigmentation-free skin this Fall.

Once your skin has been restored to its optimal condition via the first two steps above, we here at Clear Skin Solutions we embark on a journey of peels with you. That includes frequent “lunchtime chemical peels”, which have no downtime; microneedling, which works to resurface the skin and promote skin rejuvenate via cellular activation; and a blend of laser-related treatments, like IPL and electrodessication, to help the chemical peels work their magic and reduce surface-level discoloration.

Ready for glowing skin this Fall? Reach out today: we’re always here to help.

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