Intuitive Skincare: How and When to Listen to Your Face

Intuitive Skincare: How and When to Listen to Your Face

Just like how we can handle certain activities better at 22 (hello, managing to stay up past 11PM!) than at 40, the same sentiment goes for your skincare–but how do you know what’s still working, what’s not, and what never was in the first place?

Today’s blog is dedicated to intuitive skincare: how and when to listen to your face… and your Skin Therapists at Clear Skin Solutions!

Let’s get the ball rolling, y’all:


The Impact of Inflammation on the Body Over Time

Remember when you used to take off your makeup with just water, scrub your face dry with a still-damp shower towel, and call it a day?

Well, those never should have been your skincare routines to start with–but as you age, that kind of neglect will trigger visible signs of wear and tear on your skin.

Skin irritants can come in multiple forms:

  • high-inflammation diet (namely a diet rich in dairy, sugar, and refined carbs)
  • Agitating laundry detergents or fragrances
  • Irritating ingredients in skincare (like, but not limited to, coconut oil and artificial colors)
  • Unprotected sun exposure 
  • Abrasive physical exfoliants such as scrub mitts and “steaming” your skin

Whew! If you think that that’s a long list to keep in mind, you’d be right–but it doesn’t just stop there. Over time, inflammation builds, turning into chronic inflammation. This chronic inflammation can show up in the skin as acne, dark spots, eczema, dryness, rosacea, and premature lines and wrinkles.

As our bodies age, we have a harder and harder time managing this inflammation… which can lead to zero tolerance if left unchecked! This is especially true if you’ve been around the ringer when it comes to DIYing your skincare. Between all the products your friends have raved about that haven’t worked, treatments that cost too much (and did too little), and inflammation that’s only seemed to get worse with every passing birthday, knowing how to eliminate said inflammation in the body is the key to finally seeing the long-term results you deserve.

Signs of Skin Inflammation

When it comes to listening to your body in terms of what is working and what isn’t, it’s important to know the signs of skin inflammation.

Why? Because by the time it shows up on your skin, it’s been running rampant for a long time!

Some of the most common warning flags of inflammation impacting your skin are:

  • A difference in skin texture: Is your skin gradually becoming more scaly, dry, warm, thick, or even cracked? These are telltale signs that your skin’s texture is becoming impacted by inflammation
  • Redness or inflamed acne: Skin that becomes prone to redness or blisters is becoming overwhelmed by inflammation and needs professional intervention ASAP. This also applies to skin that is raised, raw, or bleeding
  • Skin that itches: If your favorite cleanser now triggers a wave of stinging and/or burning whenever it’s applied, that is a certified bad sign! The same goes for itchiness in the wake of eating certain foods, or a low-grade itch that never fully ebbs

Oftentimes, we ignore (and eat through) the signs of inflammation–like when our food choices don’t make us feel good after eating. By the time it’s impacting our complexion, it means we’ve missed the subtle signs our body has been throwing at us!

Is Intuitive Skincare Enough to Treat Inflammation?

It sounds easy, right? Listen to your body at all times and adjust accordingly.

…But how can you do that if you don’t know what’s triggering your body in the first place?

While noting which products, food, and lifestyle habits accompany an uptick in the inflammation you notice, the human eye can only detect so much. That’s where professional intervention comes in.

Whether you sign on for our Virtual Acne Program or our In-Clinic Acne Program, our experts prioritize getting to the bottom of your inflammation and thoroughly targeting it. Although many other programs seek to just “mask” the problem, we’re here to help you achieve clear skin for life: that involves eliminating inflammation at the root.

Our Virtual Acne Program is a combination of three phases to acne-clearing, three months of personalized skin coaching with an experienced and licensed Skin Therapist, and an assigned routine of acne-safe Clear Skin Solutions skincare products to kickstart your skin transformation. Why? Because 90% of your skincare results can be achieved through products alone!

As for our In-Clinic Acne Program? The exact same level of comprehensive care is provided–just tailored to those living here in beautiful Ardmore, Oklahoma!

No matter how on-the-ball you may be with keeping your skincare intuitive, the simple fact is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Let our professionals take a deep-dive into your skin’s history, current routine ingredients, and lifestyle factors to both diagnose your inflammation and come up with a customized plan of attack that actually works.

Take Intuitive Skincare to the Next Level With Clear Skin Solutions

If you’re looking to take the next step with your skin’s clarity, take our two-minute Skin Quiz to receive a zero-obligation $400 USD off on your enrollment in our Virtual Acne Program!

This doesn’t just help you save big, y’all: it also kicks off our educational approach to your complexion by keeping you informed on how your skin’s history and lifestyle choices play into the current state of your skin.

We can’t wait to help you beat inflammation for good!

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