The First Step In Your Clear Skin Journey: The New Client Consultation

The First Step In Your Clear Skin Journey: The New Client Consultation

The first step in your clear skin journey: the New Client Consultation.

Whether you are a virtual client of ours or live here in beautiful Ardmore, Oklahoma, Clear Skin Solutions welcomes you with the consult that kick-starts it all. 

Why? Because it gives our team of expert skin therapists a uniquely 360-degree perspective on your skin history, skin goals, and active skin concerns.

Today, we are detailing what to expect from your New Client Consultation… as well as the results it yields long-term!


An In-Depth Skin Analysis

For our in-spa clients, we have several modalities at our disposal that assist in your skin’s healing and treatment effectiveness; however, this initial consultation is our guide and determines which of these modalities we’ll be customizing for you and your skin!

Our blue light skin analysis tool, DermID, uses patented fluorescence technology that brings to light damaged skin cells (yes, even those located beneath the topmost layer of skin!) that normally would not be visible to the naked eye. Each type of damage is lit up by a different color to immediately and accurately pinpoint inflammation, clogged pores, irritation, hyperpigmentation, milia, and other common skin concerns.

New clients often come to us saying, “I actually have good skin; I must just be aging!” Then, with the power of DermID, we are able to share our findings with our clients in order for them to thoroughly explain to them the current condition of their skin. 

This begins what we call the “Full Pan Facial” approach, which is a 100% customized blend of modalities that is centered around you and your skin goals. These modalities include a blend of lifestyle and dietary adjustments, at-home skin care plan and routine changes, and in-spa treatments.

Treatments that work to heal the skin, such as enzyme and light peels, can and will be started right away by your skin therapist to kickstart your skin’s rejuvenation process. Once the initial healing process is complete and the moisture barrier is sufficiently restored, other in-spa treatments such as injectables, HiFu, IPL, microneedling, and/or RF microneedling in order to effectively treat any and all lingering skin concerns and restore ideal balance to the face. These common lingering skin concerns include scarring, pigmentation, and premature aging.

Our Virtual Skin Care Program

While we cannot use DermID to analyze our virtual clients’ skin, we can use our years of collective skin care experience to diagnose and treat clients’ top skin care concerns through our top-selling Virtual Skin Care Program, which, to date, has yielded hundreds of success stories and accompanying skin transformations!

This program encompasses:

  • A digital Clarity Call that will connect you with one of our trained skin therapists over Zoom. Before the call, you will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire detailing your skin history, skin concerns, lifestyle, supplements, diet, and current skin care routine
  • During the call, your skin therapist will treat it as a deep-dive into your topmost skin concerns in order to build a detailed profile of your skin and, in turn, devise a tailored clear skin home care plan 
  • From here, your skin therapist will mail you your included Hydration Starter Kit, which is essential for repairing the skin barrier and making it so the skin is the ideal canvas for all future treatments and/or products
  • You will also be shipped a one-month supply of tester-sized professional skin care, including, but not limited to, the Clear Skin Solutions Renewal Serum Mandelic 5% and the Clear Skin Solutions RevitA Level One. Each of these will be integrated into your daily skin care in order to test and monitor your skin’s tolerance as we move your skin towards more active and transformative products
  • Once it has been confirmed that your skin’s natural moisture barrier has been restored, you will be sent your biweekly custom skin care plan (plus exclusive access to the client-only section of our Clear Skin shop!)

By setting up biweekly texts and emails for three months, we ensure that both our in-spa and virtual clients receive the same amount of customized, hands-on care and treatment. Regardless of which avenue you take, you will always have your dedicated skin therapist there to guide you through to the end of your clear skin journey!

Stop The Chase. Clear Skin for Good Instead

Here at Clear Skin Solutions, we only offer skin care programs. There are no quick, temporary fixes here. Instead, we offer 100% tailored, 100% science-backed, 100% tried-and-true home care and treatments to yield fantastic skin transformations every time.

The result? Gorgeous skin, less money spent in the long run, and a lifetime’s worth of skin care education that you can then use for your own benefit for as long as you want or need to.

Book your New Client Consultation with us here at Clear Skin Solutions today. We cannot wait to embark on your clear skin journey with you!

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