The Top Skincare Trends to Avoid in 2021

The Top Skincare Trends to Avoid in 2021

We are seeing toxic, heartbreaking tribalism across the board in 2021: it seems like extremism and hate are in our faces daily.

So how do we do our part in this to help make the world a better place? Well, it starts right here by vowing to contribute in the only way each of us can: step-by-step.

Today, the Clear Skin Solutions team is detailing the top skincare trends to avoid in 2021… but not in the way that you may think! Join us in exploring how self-love and, in turn, empathy for those around us is a crucial step in one’s clear skin journey that many overlook.


The Top Skin Care Trends to Avoid in 2021… Starting With a Lack of Compassion for Others On Their Own Skin Care Journey

A while ago, our team posted a photo of a client who had recently undergone a significant part of her skin care journey: her injectables!

We love sharing client progress photos on both our Instagram and Facebook in order to demonstrate how our personalized, science-backed, clinical and 360-degree skincare yields real results for people just like you… while simultaneously exemplifying how every person’s journey to the skin of their dreams is wholly unique!

While some clients prefer to stay au natural and focus on the care of their skin, others, like the client in question, opt for injectables and/or eyelash extensions to balance their facial features and accentuate their favorite parts of their face.

This client had selected our Russian lip filler technique, which expertly draws attention to the Cupid’s bow by making it fuller and more lush. And they were gorgeous on her! The newfound fullness to her Cupid’s bow re-balanced her face to create a symmetry that made her look more youthful, more radiant, and, most importantly, more happy with her lips appearance.

Despite this, an old friend of our co-founder, Nyki, glanced at the before-and-after of this client and commented, “Gross.” 

Heartbreaking! We were taken aback by this level of criticism, which we recognized as being the same critical voice that she uses on herself. 

Thus, we wanted to compile this list of the top skincare trends to avoid in 2021… starting with a lack of compassion for others on their own skincare journey!  

How to Focus On YOU to Enable Skincare Results That Are Fast-Acting and Long-Term

The best steps towards clear, beautiful skin start with you. That includes not staying in toxic, unhealthy patterns and instead committing to love… both towards you and others on similar skincare journeys!

After all, we truly are all in this together.

Instead of hopping on gimmicky trends, influencer hype, or dubious all-natural “remedies”, instead follow these timeless steps in 2021 and beyond to guarantee fast-acting skin results that will last:

  • Fuel your body with a nutrient-dense diet that takes the link between diet and acne into account
  • Stay consistent in both your in-spa and at-home treatments so that you don’t have to ask yourself, “I used to be clear. What happened?”
  • Choose charity: Isn’t it amazing that we can all find what works best for us personally? When it’s your turn, you also have the ability and freedom to do so (without listening to your “inner critic”!)

Clear Skin Solutions is Here to Help You Banish Trends and Focus on Science-Backed Skincare That Works

Extracting pimples at home, using fresh lemon juice on active breakouts, exfoliating with coffee grounds… the list of skincare trends to avoid in 2021 are seemingly endless. However, that’s why Clear Skin Solutions is here to help you banish trends and instead focus on science-backed skincare that actually works.

You may be choosing (either subconsciously or consciously) to not take care of yourself and your skin the way you deserve because your inner critic is saying it’s too vain or too difficult. Well, our co-founder and lead skin therapist, Nyki, has been in your shoes! 

In 2015, Nyki embarked on her clear skin journey. She had stopped the DIY program, the high-inflammatory diet, and the trends-following to start a skincare line that was as effective for anti-aging as it was for acne treatment and management.

Today, Nyki works with her amazing team members who share her desire to learn, grow, and help women feel amazing through our proven Clear Skin Programs, all of which offer one-on-one support, guidance, and advanced techniques such as energy devices, microneedling, and injectables along with the expert-guided lifestyle changes to give our clients their self-confidence back… each in their own unique way! Here at Clear Skin Solutions, we don’t judge someone’s path to self-love; we simply find the best way to support it.

Contact us today for beauty, your way. 

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