What’s Actually Causing Your Acne? Take Our Skin Quiz

What’s Actually Causing Your Acne? Take Our Skin Quiz

What’s actually causing your acne?

Take our skin quiz to find out.

No, really– y’all, while there is no substitution for having a one-on-one consultation with a professional Skin Therapist, taking our five-minute skin quiz can help get you started connecting the dots on why you’re struggling to get (and stay!) clear.

Common topics our skin quiz prompts you to dive into include:


Focusing on Reducing or Eliminating Certain Triggers

When it comes to acne triggers, the sky’s the limit.

These triggers typically come in three forms:

  • Biological triggers (like a family history of acne)
  • Lifestyle triggers (like a diet rich in dairy, sugar, and processed foods)
  • Topical triggers (like not following a Skin Therapist-approved at-home skincare plan)

One of the most common acne triggers we see clients fall prey to, for example, is hormonal birth control. If you’re saying, “What?! My birth control could be the cause of my acne?” Then we have news for you!

If you’re on an estrogen-dominant brand of birth control, whether it be in the form of oral pills, shots, patches, or even IUDs, it’s actually impossible for them to clear acne on their own. While estrogen-based birth controls can help reduce acne by decreasing the circulation of androgens in the body, we see way too many women using their birth control as a fix-all… which simply doesn’t exist!

When you assume you’re taking a fix-all like birth control, you can let other acne triggers slip– like over-consuming processed foods or ignoring a family history of breakouts. Remember: the magic is in the method! You need to tackle your acne from all angles to see long-term clarity.

Combating Common Skincare Myths

As much as we’d love to wave a magic wand and heal everyone’s acne for good, the fact is that there are no quick solutions to acne.

…But that doesn’t mean we can’t be tempted by common skincare myths.

One of the biggest myths, aside from thick moisturizers clogging your pores? That tanning helps to get rid of acne.

While hitting the beach without SPF or booking a tanning bed may temporarily lessen your acne’s redness, tanning itself does not cure acne– and can in fact dry out your skin, which prompts more oil and, you guessed it!, worsen your acne in the long-run. (And if that wasn’t bad enough? Due to tanning increasing heat on the surface level of your skin, it’s also a culprit of inflammation… meaning that, if you aren’t careful, tanning could be becoming an acne breakout-spiral that you can’t escape from!)

To make matters worse, skin that isn’t protected by sunscreen is then prone to hyperpigmentation and environmental damage. That’s why one of the first steps with any acne client is to get their SPF regimen in check, regardless of if it’s mid-summer or the middle of winter! After all, if you’re skipping SPF, all the hard work your pores have done over their time with CSS products will be reversed because of sun damage!

Knowing How Seasons Impact the Skin

Think that your acne-clearing routine should stay the same all year long?

Think again!

Although some staples, like a solid cleanser and SPF, need to be constants for your skin, it’s vital to keep in mind how the seasons play into your skincare.

Throughout the summer, for your example, your skin will be dealing with:

  • Increased UV exposure
  • Festive alcoholic drinks (which are sadly no-nos on an anti-acne diet!)
  • Chlorine pools, which strip the skin’s natural oils and negatively impact your natural moisture barrier

… If you’re skipping SPF and keeping up with your winter chemical exfoliants (which can cause hyperpigmentation if your skin is exposed to direct sunlight!), you’ll find that you’re inadvertently unwinding months of acne-related progress. Plus, know that oil created by tanning alone isn’t the sole issue: tanning of any kind creates more dead skin that the pore can’t release effectively, thereby triggering a higher risk of acne breakouts.

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