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Magic Ice Balls

Magic Ice Balls

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Icing your skin is an ultra-effective way of combating both inflammation and irritation: because cold temperatures trigger a vasoconstriction process within your skin cells, causing the blood vessels to temporarily shut off, applying cooled skincare tools to your face works to depuff, reduce redness, and freshen your appearance instantaneously.

Engaging in a committed icing routine encourages facial circulation, soothes breakout-related irritation, speeds up the clearing of existing breakouts, soothes acne-related irritation, and promotes lymphatic fluid drainage.

  • Oily I Sensitive

  • Acneic

  • Post-Peel 

  • Post-Operative

  • Aging

Client Use

After steps one and two of your Skin Therapist-approved skincare routine, apply your Skin Therapist-approved serum. From there, use either your Acne or Aging Relief facial roller (included with your purchase of your Magic Ice Balls!) to enjoy a smooth, lymphatic-draining glide across your skin. The icing effect of the Magic Ice Balls used in conjunction with your facial roller will help the oils penetrate into the skin for maximum benefits. 

Remove the Magic Ice Balls from your freezer. Use your toner to clean them before storing them for a minimum of 15 minutes in your freezer between uses. Like an ice roller, apply in gentle constant upward motions across your cheeks, nasolabial lines, under eyes, forehead, and under the chin for as long as desired– or until the Magic Ice Balls require re-freezing. 

These ice roller alternatives are safe for daily AM and PM use. If you have active breakouts, we highly recommend icing in conjunction with the Sulfur Healing Mask and the Charcoal Healing Mask.

  • Steel 

    We keep it simple with stainless steel for our Magic Ice Balls, ensuring that they provide long-lasting cold therapy… without being a melting mess! 

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